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Jolie is an advocate of high vibrational living (that means living happily.)She is an inspirational guide, Author, Speaker, known for her Soul Talkin’ clairvoyant abilities. Jolie is a Mentor, Medium, Empath & Channel, Reiki Master, Crystal healer and Light Tunnel™ conduit.She is gifted with physical and energetic body reading. Jolie enjoys sharing these“gifts” with others. She has helped many people with messages she receives through her 6th sense. People call her a “Messenger of the Light” BOOK A READING

Boca Center 

Our Boca Raton- My Flora Aura Mindful Center . We are a retail store & offer unique services & Shop metaphysical supplies.Walk-in for Reiki Circles every day, guided Meditations in Crystal rooms of your choice! Mediumship,Past life regressions,Crystal Meditation rooms,  “life changing” classes for all ages. Gain the knowledge & insight you need to live healthy and happily. Our CALENDAR BOCA RATON LOCATION; 14 Se 4th Street Boca Raton Fl 33432


Deerfield Center

Feel HIGH Vibes at our 2nd location called CRYSTAL JUNKIE™ Store & LOFT DEERFIELD LOCATION: Book a SERVICE Daily  Meditations, Reiki Healing Circles,SoundVibes,Crystal Bowls,frequency energetics,Tuning forks,Vibrational Methodology,Organic Tea & Herbs. We are a HEALTHY HANGOUT with GEM GARDEN to chill. Our Calendar We offer Workshops every weekend! LOCATION: 819 SE 8th ave, Deerfield Beach FL 33441 phone: 954-254-3828 

Shop Online!

We offer 2 Locations to Chill & Shop. We also provide an online Superstore! Super deals on Crystal Kits! Crystal mega-storeNEED REMOTE ONLINE READING? Jolie loves to do that…. here is how:

Deerfield Beach  & Boca Raton Locations-Walk-in’s Welcome for All classes!

Join Me! for a Crystal Workshop click here


Reiki & Energy Healing Private Services-BOOK IT


Try a Crystal Healing- It ROCKS!  

High Vibe Crystal Healing Book- Buy it Now!

Jolie’s NEW High Vibes crystal Healing Book! By Llewellyn Publishing! Learn 66 Crystals, 26 Body layouts and 22 essential oils!




Popular Services


Crystal Healing Service

Crystal Healing is an energetic modality of healing where the energies of strategically placed. Crystals can help heal, release, balance, adjust or advance you, but it is important to work with a Master Healer to know what crystal harmonize to create the best outcome for your sessions purpose. These wonderful crystal properties  work in synergy within and around a human energetic (electromagnetic) field.


Crystal Meditation Rooms

The  Diamond room is a geometric shape specifically designed for its healing abilities – A vortex with crystals built within the walls. There are 3 separate crystal grids – one for Release, one for Advancement, and another for Self- Realization. This room was so popular we added 3 MORE crystal rooms for you to experience! Come feel them!

Reiki Healing Service

Reiki Healing is an Japanese energetic modality of healing where the Master healer acts as a conduit of universal light ( source energy) to flow into your body to help assist you to relax, heal or release. The service aligns & balances your Chakras and cleanses your auric fields. An amazing experience. We offer private sessions and daily Reiki circles with a group environment. this is at our Boca Raton and Deerfield Location.


Organic Herbs & Teas

Visit our Deerfield Crystal Junkie Location for a variety of healing Herbs. We can share the properties and usages from our healing guides and our experiences. Organic teas and wonderful Ayurvedic herbs . We offer Magical Crystal Tea CEREMONIES!



Our Mindful Healing Centers use and sell only therapeutic grade (also considered medical grade) oils that are organic. We offer several Aromatherapy services, classes and herbal remedy workshops. Please call us for details.

Want a Reading with Jolie? Make an appointment  online. Pick your day & time! 

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Message from Jolie


I am being programmed by something I identify as “love”.

I’m feeling, sensing, and trusting this source. It’s far better than being programmed by TV and society.

I am a messenger of the light.

I am clairvoyant. I hear and sense loving information and guidance for others and myself.”

Calendar  for (MFA) My Flora Aura Boca & Deerfield  Location




 Please call us, as sometimes we get substitutions of classes. 561-901-5808

Workshops! All events held at Crystal junkie Deerfield Location:

 819 Se 8th Ave- Deerfield Beach Fl 33441
Phone 954-254-3828     

All events pre-pay online at www.MyFloraAura.com on the “courses” page.

FULL MOON Events Every Month ! FREE

Tuesday April 7th Full MOON Party 6-9pm –FREE- Fun informative free talks on Metaphysical subjects and FREE Crystal Bowls Sound Meditation


May 10th Jolie DeMarco – Intuitive training Certification. Learn psychic skills and how to trust intuitive abilities. Empaths welcome! 
$444 investment in yourself. prepayment required.

May 16th and 17th(Saturday & Sunday)
2020 HIgh Vibe CRYSTAL HEALER COURSE©! Limited space!

BECOME A CERTIFIED MASTER CRYSTAL HEALERWhen: February 29 & March 1st Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm snacks included/break for lunches

SPECIAL RATE  2 DAY COURSE!  Crystal Healer Certification Crystal Junkie™
 Love crystals and gemstones?   Me Too!

This is for you!  Learn with Crystal Junkie™ Jolie

Become a Certified High Vibes Crystal Healer!

High Vibe Crystal Junkie™ Master Gridder Certification. Soup to nuts- The Full 26 Crystal body Layouts- Learning High Vibes Crystal Healing for others as a practitioner/master. Learn with a “Crystal stash kit”.

Learn the art of Crystal healing placements on and around the body and harmonizing. Learn ancient ways to perform Crystal healing. Learn Crystal body layouts and how to self -heal. You will be ready to start your healing career and book appointments after this Rockin’ workshop. You will also learn how to perform House grids, for selling a home  or changing a places “energy to be positive.
 You Rockin’ as a Certified Master Crystal Healer & registered  Crystal Junkie™ ! $777 early bird $688 online. Prepayment required


 March 22 Sunday 10-4pm Reiki Level one $125- Learn how to self-heal with the Japanese modality called Reiki- Maki Usui method. light snack included. Taught By Reiki Master Jolie DeMarco

April 19th Reiki Level TWO 10-5pm $248 Learn distance healing & symbol  and how to conduct healing sessions as a professional along with amazing techniques with Jolie DeMarco 

 May  Wednesday nights all month!  ( 4 classes total )How to Meditate Easily  weekly Wednesday night course . Learn Methods of Meditation with Jolie- Its easier than you think!  LIMITED SPACE SIGN UP ONLINE NOW! www.myfloraaura.com under “courses”

How to Meditate Easily© – May 2020 Every Wednesday Night 6:30pm-8pm( 4 sessions $133 total)prepayment required.

Reduce stress with Meditation

An Amazing Series Course- Learn How to get to the Bliss mindspace using simple techniques

Learn How to Meditate Easily© An amazing Course with author Jolie DeMarco

Learn all the techniques to Meditate- I show you how with purpose to raise your vibrational frequency. – There are several ways to Meditate, Let me teach you! Meditation is the Best Habit You can Create~ Jolie

You can pay here!  Jolie’s Workshops

Pay here with choosing the appropriate button to reserve your space and pre-pay.

Reiki workshops with Jolie DeMarco click on what level 3 options.
Prepay only. Reserve your spot! (Refunds are available with a $60 chargeback fee) 

Reiki workshops 1, 2, Masters option

Reiki sign -up and pay    choose your level workshop

Crystal Healing Certification Course-
Prepay only. Reserve your spot! (Refunds are available with a $60 chargeback fee) 

Crystal Healer Certification Course

Crystal Workshop Class 66 crystals
Prepay only. Reserve your spot! (Refunds are available with a $20 chargeback fee) 
Crystal Workshops with Jolie DeMarco

$66.00 Crystals Rock! Learn 66 crystals and How they work for your body! with Jolie DeMarco



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