What the November MOON & Aug/Sept/Oct MOONS Represent

November 2012_ Some of you are still learning and re-living past occurrences and situations, or thinking or getting approached by “past”. This becomes clearer on November 12th- but still some people will still be experiencing these situations or feelings until mid-November.

Towards November 28th the last eclipse of the year, people will find “knowledge” to move ahead, those that didn’t “hear” or listen or learn” from these “past” coming back will stay quite “stuck” for a long time- until lessons are “learned and mindfulness occurs.” So listen, Be “AWARE” and notice old lessons, situations or occurrences and k realize what you’ve learned from them, so you don’t have to do it again and again and again!!
REMEMBER: all of us are different, we act different we re-act different, we learn different- but we all have a heartbeat and we all are made of energy, so make your energy equal to others, make a good energy exchange every day, and learn from the past- and done be afraid to “CHANGE” because the future is a gift of new experiences!


October 30, 2012 FULL MOON –represents some humans still learning and re learning. Most whom have learned will start to advance, make good decisions and get clarity on life and what they want and how and where they want to live it” Advancing, but at a speed the human can handle

September 29th

FULL MOON Represents– “all humans re-learning. Most humans very Indecisive and unruly, for they know not what an attunement can affect them, of which includes bringing up emotions of past relationships, past issues, people return into your life…


Aug 31, 2012 BLUE MOON– represents ” All Humans Attuned” new awakening for some and re-awakening for others. INTENSE movement of energy in the human body form in levels of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental body.