What are Mandalas?

In Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, the word mandala means circle, center, or sometimes sacred circle. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “a design symbolizing the universe.” Carl Jung calls them “archetypes of wholeness.”

They have been used mainly as a communication tool, to connect with God, the higher self, the inner self, the “source”.

Mandalas have been used over time in many countries since ancient time to now for healing and meditation. These are sacred geometry and should be only used with loving intentions.


My name is Jolie DeMarco – I have recently “researched information and channeled healing energies” such as “St. Germain & a higher Spirit called “EROM”, along with several other spirits from the “Light”  for quite some time. My Book “The 2nd Big Shift-Beyond 2012” – informs the public how to adapt to the new world and healing techniques, channeling and revelations.  With this research, findings and channeling I have information that can change the world.
If you are familiar with Mandalas, you know that usually the sacred geometry, the shapes are precise and usually in symmetry, this is what I found to be the complete opposite. My Channeled and guided Paintings of mandalas are not all in perfect symmetric and or perfect shapes and geometric properties.  These energetic Mandalas channeled through me by St. Germain, The Spirits form the Light and EROM, are meant to be imperfect, just like all of us (humans).

Using these enchanted Mandalas you are able to heal ailments and negative emotions to positive loving healing. They most importantly help humans (such as myself) transform our natural abilities of breathing to be able to adapt to the “New Shift, New Beginning of this New World” –  what is Now called The 2nd Big Shift – and help us to align and adapt for what will be in the future.

I hope you take the time to make your own assumptions from what I have been gracefully taught and told to share with as many women, men and children I could possibly teach and adapt as the “2nd Shifts” occur.


These Mandala paintings are available in print online to purchase or in the Wellness Center.
You can stop by to see the original paintings.


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Click here to view a video of Jolie showing you how to perform a Mandala Card reading.

Jolie DeMarco was advised to reach as many people as she could with the Mandalas. They are all very different and unique, just like each of us.

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Personalized Mandala

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“Birth of the new World”- Channeled Mandala


“Birth of the new World- 2 moons will come 2012.
Future — the future will be ‘enhanced.’
Changes will occur and Love and Light will change the world.

“The blood red sky will come; stars will shine past the eclipse of the moon.”

Later.. a friend researched, and I also found that the 2 blue moons in the painting are relevant to an occurrence that will be August 2012, 2 moons that month! You can search the web on moon phases. Very Interesting!