Telepathic Communication

NEW Way of Life Telepathic communication- when the internet and TV, Phones are useless- “Humans Contact each other by “Vibrations, ‘understand” this now, and human life will transition easily.”


Channeled By Jolie DeMarco


After the “Blue moon” (Aug 31st, 2012) you may have noticed the reddish ring around it, that mists the moons edges. Notice that a lot of unsettled energy is going on, and soon the cleanse brings solace and advancement. Some have “advanced and will continue- But many humans have just begun a new awakening- humans must pull together to aid each other in this especially the “New Ones” (meaning the ones just awakened) – these humans will become unruly and confused and need the Advanced humans to guide them unto understanding their new “gifts” The beginning of telepathic communication-” “understanding is the key” – this channeled message from july 2012