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Teach & Share protocol

If you are a teacher and would like to share through teaching a class, workshop or modality at either of our centers
My Flora Aura Retail & Mindful Center
Yoga Spirit Center.rocks

If you are a vendor  and selling wholesale items– follow the same directions below. We do not answer cold calls at our center. If you leave a message – it may not be received. This is the best & only way we look over new merchandise or endeavors.

Follow the instructions below to apply. We receive many  applications, if you do not follow the directions, we will discard your request for teaching with us. Please understand- it takes a lot of time to  see what fits with our energy and space. We want to make the best choices for our community.
We accept email only:

Please send details of what you would like to teach or share, along with a date,duration time of class or workshop, cost to  potential students and your conatct information.   Send to Management


It may take a few weeks to get  back to you. We will email you either way- if have been accepted or otherwise. We schedule all classes and workshops one month prior to print our calendars . We accept those who self -promote  & have organized outlines.   Its an  equal energy exchange!

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