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Love Phone apps?

here are 5 Super cool  Apps- from  daily Nature messages , MY Daily Crystal to hold or wear to Crystal Readings!

check the apps out now

Check out Jolie’s  i-Tunes & Android APPs:  

My Daily Crystal- find which crystal works best with your energy on a daily basis.

ROCK –Reading Insights 4-Life- choosing 7 crystals that give you an accurate reading on what is needed now in your life. 

Mandala Reading; reflecting 30 Mandalas channeled to bring the viewer a self- healing-plus intuitive reading of their current life.

Fins, Fur & Flight –Daily Spirit messages from Nature

Archangel Michael’s Soul Talking & Relationships- brings guidance on Love, family & friendships.

Galileo’s TIME– helps you find out when an occurrence will happen!

All are available as APPs and physical oracle cards.

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