TAKE 5 & Repeat This Positive Affirmation

Take 5 my peeps and repeat this! Use only positive words and make sure you intend on receiving what you are asking because you deserve good things in life! I actually wrote this affirmation so there is no way you can self sabotage it. My word is mint straight from Archangel Michael!

Just take 5 minutes a day to focus with your intension- What YOU desire and project. Then state these positive affirmations for balancing your emotions.

I am Love and I am surrounded by Love

I am Smart

I am Happy

I love Life

My Body is Strong

My Mind is awake and alert

I make rational decisions

I fulfill my commitments 100% in a positive way

I am healthy and I have healthy habits

I find solutions without stress

I treat others well and they treat me well

I enjoy the moments that bring me joy

I am beautiful inside and out

I always do the best I can at everything I do

I enjoy time for myself – it makes me balanced


Manifest once a week with true intentions. Know it will happen. Trust and believe.

Remember once a week only. why? The Angels spoke to me and said “They will just be saying words without truly feeling it” Okay let the Manifesting Begin!! Smiles”

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