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Get STONED with Crystals & gemstones! HIGH Vibes with Jolie DeMarco

29 Aug 2018

Get STONED with Crystals & Gemstones! Meditation is the Best Habit U Can Create!© Jolie DeMarco says: “Did you know that you get the same Euphoric feeling from Drugs and Alcohol as you do when you Meditate? It is because the same receptors in our brains can use the frequencies to make us feel that way, WITHOUT killing precious brain cells! Feel those same HIGH VIBES with Crystal sand Meditation. Let me show you how, got something going on? I GOTTA CRYSTAL  for that!”©excerpt from the book How to Meditate Easily by Jolie DeMarco. learn more on www.CrystalJunkie.com  #Crystals#JolieDeMarco#HighVIBEScrystalhealing  join Jolie for a class or workshop at one of her.

Are You a “Positive” Person?

23 Apr 2018

Positive breeds positive. When you glow with positive energy, others are and will be attracted to you. No one should be around negative energies. Negativity is actually draining to people and can bring them down. Therefore, everyone likes to hear good conversations, and be around positive and inspiring energy. Learning how to release negative energy can help you become more positive and lead others to the same. It is important to release unwanted energies. Our auras can become littered with negative debris or “junk”. This junk can be our own emotional , worries, negative thoughts, and patterns that are unhealthy. However, we also receive negative junk from other people. Whenever.

TAKE 5 & Repeat This Positive Affirmation

20 Jan 2018
TAKE 5 & Repeat This Positive Affirmation

Take 5 my peeps and repeat this! Use only positive words and make sure you intend on receiving what you are asking because you deserve good things in life! I actually wrote this affirmation so there is no way you can self sabotage it. My word is mint straight from Archangel Michael! Just take 5 minutes a day to focus with your intension- What YOU desire and project. Then state these positive affirmations for balancing your emotions. I am Love and I am surrounded by Love I am Smart I am Happy I love Life My Body is Strong My Mind is awake and alert I make rational decisions I.

Have You Explored Your Intuition?

06 Jan 2018
Have You Explored Your Intuition?

Have you been thinking a lot lately or have you received some “signs” to start exploring your intuitive senses? Have you asked Does it work? What is intuition? Do I have it? Can I control it? There are so many questions regarding this beautiful mysterious part of your life (and the beyond) “when I first started exploring my intuition, I had so many questions. I attended many spiritual classes and read countless books to discover this specific information. Sometimes I felt as if I was taking on emotions of everyone around me, which I later found out was my ability for psychic empathy. Understanding basic information about your psychic intuition.

New Years Resoooolutions Self Focus De-Stress Here’s HOW

29 Dec 2017
New Years Resoooolutions Self Focus De-Stress Here’s HOW

This year for many has been… to say the least challenging to focus on YOU. 2018 is a great time to set goals for focusing on yourself. We will discuss Chakra balancing but if Chakra stuff freaks you out a bit, just do the focus on your body techniques. Different strokes for different folks but all meditations are great to reduce stress and lower blood pressure along with the benefits of prolonged life. Stress reducing techniques is a great START! Here are some suggestions…. *My Flora Aura has Reiki Circles Every week M,T, W, Th, Saturday & Sunday. 561-901-5808 Reiki is a Japanese modality using a higher power of positive.

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