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Get STONED with Crystals & gemstones! HIGH Vibes with Jolie DeMarco

29 Aug 2018

Get STONED with Crystals & Gemstones! Meditation is the Best Habit U Can Create!© Jolie DeMarco says: “Did you know that you get the same Euphoric feeling from Drugs and Alcohol as you do when you Meditate? It is because the same receptors in our brains can use the frequencies to make us feel that way, WITHOUT killing precious brain cells! Feel those same HIGH VIBES with Crystal sand Meditation. Let me show you how, got something going on? I GOTTA CRYSTAL  for that!”©excerpt from the book How to Meditate Easily by Jolie DeMarco. learn more on www.CrystalJunkie.com  #Crystals#JolieDeMarco#HighVIBEScrystalhealing  join Jolie for a class or workshop at one of her.

Your Mind says YES. Your Body says NO. See How to sync-up.

04 Nov 2017
Your Mind says YES. Your Body says NO. See How to sync-up.

Noticing what are mind vs. what our body is telling us can be a problem in today’s world. We all have a million things to do and multi-tasking constantly. Along with all that we think we have to be on call with our texting replies! Man, Our minds need a break and at least need to be synced up with our body- at least once a week! How? you ask. All you have to do is take 20 minutes, one day a week and try this polarity meditation. It works wonders. You will feel balanced inside and out, all of you. Tak 20 minutes to breathe and follow the guided.

How to do “Soul Talking” technique TM

06 Mar 2013
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How to do “Soul Talking” technique TM

*all information is copyrighted in the books called “The Energy Exchange” “Soul Talking and Relationships,”and the book “The 2nd Shift Healing.” Click here to go directly to Soul Talking technique TM The Message About this Shifts Beginning & how to Soul Talk If you want to skip this and go directly to “Soul Talking” step by step directions click here Every 11 years a Shift cleanse “happens” this is an opportunity from the light to do a total clearing of the soul. Experiences, connections, occurrence’s that are to be cleansed from the soul, not just our human thoughts but negatives in the soul to be positive in the soul. Releasing.

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