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Get STONED with Crystals & gemstones! HIGH Vibes with Jolie DeMarco

29 Aug 2018

Get STONED with Crystals & Gemstones! Meditation is the Best Habit U Can Create!© Jolie DeMarco says: “Did you know that you get the same Euphoric feeling from Drugs and Alcohol as you do when you Meditate? It is because the same receptors in our brains can use the frequencies to make us feel that way, WITHOUT killing precious brain cells! Feel those same HIGH VIBES with Crystal sand Meditation. Let me show you how, got something going on? I GOTTA CRYSTAL  for that!”©excerpt from the book How to Meditate Easily by Jolie DeMarco. learn more on www.CrystalJunkie.com  #Crystals#JolieDeMarco#HighVIBEScrystalhealing  join Jolie for a class or workshop at one of her.

Aromatherapy Guide to Health and Healing

09 May 2018

We are all pretty familiar with the basics of essential oils, lavender helps calm, eucalyptus helps when we have a cold, but what about anxiety, or the need to concentrate? How about Happiness, or loneliness? There are a lot of home remedies out there. Documented research studies are showing that aromatherapy can actually change our moods, blood pressure, help us lose weight, even increase hair growth in alopecia! The list of benefits are endless but here is a little insight. Aromatherapy clinical studies show: ( Yes, these are clinical studies, but you are going to love this) Weight loss: Of course I went for the weight loss studies first! For.

Explaining The Aura

14 Mar 2018
Explaining The Aura

Have you ever experienced a sensation or felt a vibe from someone, whether it is good or bad? If you said yes, then you have felt the energy from their aura. So, what’s an aura? An aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the outer body. They have been scientifically known to exist. Our auras have several layers. From one perspective in Wikipedia, the electromagnetic field can be regarded as a smooth, continuous field, in a wave like manner. Yada, yada, yada, my version is easier to understand. Our body’s aura/energy field is something everyone should be schooled about. Knowing and understanding how it works is amazing, yet simple. I.

Why Do You See Sequential Numbers?

07 Mar 2018
Why Do You See Sequential Numbers?

Seeing sequential numbers can give us GREAT insight on what is going on in our life.

Part 2- New You with a Manifested New Relationship

12 Feb 2018
Part 2- New You with a Manifested New Relationship

Now that you have taken the steps to focus on yourself, your ready to manifest a relationship right? I have that guide for you. Remember positive breeds positive! When you glow with positive energy others are attracted to you. NO-ONE likes to be around a negative complainer. Everyone likes to hear good conversations and be around positive inspiring energy. OK NOW Let’s Get to the Good Stuff! Manifesting a “Good Match” for you! The Angels want you to manifest. Before we begin make sure you add details of what you want. Say this manifest only once a week. Otherwise, you are just repeating “words” and the manifest doesn’t have the.

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