Soul Talking- Energy Exchange from November 12-28th!!!

This is an exchange the spirits are bringing to us in this cosmic time period of August 31 all the way to November 30th. We will always have this energy exchange throughout life, but this time period, is especially intense, that and the fact that we have a “window of time” to erase all our crap for good, no DNA imprint- that’s my take on it! That’s like a pass to the best ever event and then some!

How do we clear in this “window of time?”
They gave me a term called “soul talking”. This is a term they described to me to teach others. It is how to cleanse all the unwanted habits, thoughts, emotions from past, parallel and present.
“Talking to the souls of others from a human/being true soul to another human/being true soul.”

The “soul talking- this is an energy clearing- an energy exchange of true souls.”
First step: You sit make a list. This list is of all the people things occurrences, situations, experiences that you remember as negative (hurtful to yourself or by others to you oryou to them!)
Second step: Once your list is done, you relax, breathe, and take 11 deep breathes in and out. Now set a positive intention and feel that you want and allow this to happen: say aloud or in your mind:
I, ____ ____ (your full name, middle last all that is known of “you”!) am here to make a positive energy exchange with _______. (The person’s name or visualize their face)
you can or “picture that occurrence, or situation, or just visualize the person (or animal) or the energy of that situation.

State the way you feel. Then way they made you feel or the way you made them feel. With Intention, Express fully of your emotions to release the energy of that situation. (Yes, you can cry, yell, be sorry, or all of the above and more.)
This process of “the cleanse” can be very intense for some people the situations or conversations can bring up anger, fear or serenity. Please remember the spirit guides wanted me to state that “this soul cleanse, is not about “blame,it is about releasing and replacing energy of 2 souls for an energy exchange of the light.”
If you are serious in completing this soul talking and cleanse, you will really truly “feel” the energy exchange.
That is how you know it is “working.” Some people have felt it instantly during the soul talk, many it was afterwards up to a few days.
Remember you can talk aloud or in the mind, this is telepathic energy which is basically the same as verbal.
Then once you’re done, this starts Step Three: ask the person or animal, basically it is the “energy”. (Who knows, could be a tree you cut down and felt bad about it.) Ask the energy of those souls to accept this new positive energy exchange of light to replace the negative energy that existed.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to” hear “anything back, if you- do great, if not, keep going, it still is positive energy going out to that particular soul of that person ..Please also note that if this energy is between a soul that has passed, deceased in a human body, you can still “soul talk” to them. You can make the energy positive no matter where they are “over space and time, energy is on all dimensions and all levels; it exists “everywhere.”
During this exchange try to feel or sense the emotions of love, solace and peace. Try to visualize or feel the energy of forgiveness or understanding in your heart chakra- when you sense this feel a pull in the exchanged energy to you and know they have also received the positive energy into their existence-into their energy of their soul.
Step Four: Close out the conversation of energy by thanking them and give gratitude for this opportunity with them to make amends and state that “both of your true souls have made an even energy exchange to be equal”. Say your goodbyes and Breathe.
Step Five: Congratulations are in order, Know that you are successful in the exchange. Know that you deserve this positive energy.
Take a break and do a few more, if any. You are on your way to “advancement of a true soul.”
You will notice in the next few days a “change” in your energy, the guides say:”humans will feel lighter- peaceful.”

A tip: you can go back and do a soul cleanse with the same person or thing more than once, its okay to  go back and add more..
People have been expereinces that they  needed to talk more.. its fine
I also want you all to know that you should   soul talk to your  higher self, so your “human exisitence with your “true soul”- let yourself know you are only doing well from  now on, and that you repect you on all levels and that you are going to give yourself an equal exchange and rlease any Old patterns- or self destructive behaviors and or addictions or faults”.. this is your chance to “get clean on all levels- so bring intention( what you desire and project with feeling”).


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