Soul mates or “Good match”???

Will I find my Soulmate?

The term soul mate is used an unlikely way on earth. All souls have many “soul mates” as far as friendship, love, and many in one lifetime. After All aren’t we all souls that live together?

To find your “good match” which is a strong loving relationship, you will and can help the process of “finding”-what the divine call a good match.

But for most people there will be a process of what we call Focus or transition people that come into your life first- before you meet the “good match” there can be several “focus” and transition relationships that give you “practice” for when you meet your “good match” you will be truly “you” as you meet. (for more details read the book


 The Channeled message about this states: “This occurs ( the process of focus and transition people -so humans can learn patience and learn what they want and don’t in a relationship and to understand that, you should not “make” another human into something they are not at that particular time-“

Will I have contentment in my life? Contentment comes with learning to want less and expect nothing- and to understand that happiness is from your energy and then emitted to others, attracting what you desire with an equal energy exchange.

Here is an example of how you can manifest a relationship that is equal energy exchange:

Example of manifesting a man:
I am and I allow myself and I deserve to have a monogamous relationship with a man, I am monogamous to him and him to me (state your name) that loves me 100% and I love him 100 %, he has healthy habits, I respect him and he respect me, we accept each others “normals”,we are both available to have a relationship together, he is  occasionally humorous ,  he has a great job he enjoys, he’s abundant with money, happiness and is  physcially attracted to me and I to him, he is emotionally sound, a rational , logical thinker, he has pride in himself and for me. he is liked by others and our families are respectful to each other,we have a wonderful life together and we meet this year 2013 Earth dimension.

Iand he deserve this positive relationship, my intention is true, I know I will meet this man (this asking and manifesting can be done to any preference of relationship).

The point is, you also have to make sure this energy (thought and affirmation, prayer) goes out to the universe with positive and true intentions( really feeling it) everyone deserves good things and people in their life- you do!

Express and let the universe know in a positive way and it will come. If you don’t feel in your body and mind that you deserve this, then when asking it becomes negative or null.Every thought you have is energy- verbally or in your mind it is energy that is projected and felt.

The angels know you can manifest this, so make sure you add your personal details to what you want in a relationship. Say it only once a week otherwise, you just repeat “words” and it doesn’t have the same intent and feeling with it. Make it a quiet time when asking and concentrate- this IS Important to you, make time to do it correctly!

– You can make good things come to your life- choose and allow yourself goodness high vibrations.
All content is copyrighted from the book “The energy Exchange and How to Manifest it.”by Jolie DeMarco available on Amazon
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