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Clairvoyant Channeled Messages

Jolie DeMarco

Jolie is a Certified Angel Messenger TM Clairvoyant, Medium, Empath & Channel, Reiki Master, Crystal healer and energetic Light Tunnel conduit. Jolie enjoys sharing her “gift” with others. She has helped many people with “angel messages”; special messages she receives through her 6th sense. She is a “Messenger of the Light”. Call for your appointment 561-901-5808.

Sometimes we need guidance from a loved one who has passed on, or from an angel, spirit guide or divine master. Jolie can communicate through several modalities, her strongest form of receiving information is through automatic writing. She receives by writing messages from what she “hears” (clairaudience) and “sees” (clairvoyance).

Occasionally she can “feel” (Clairsentience & Empathic) when a person has been hurt or is injured. Jolie can also “channel” messages from “The Divine Ones”, and /or “Zora the Divine Healer”, “The Spirit Guides from the Light” and “The Ten Doctors” and/or several other loving spiritual guides from the light.

These “gifts”, Jolie believes we all have, but may not have been open to using these tools to help ourselves and others.

I had a reading with Jolie when my husband suddenly began experiencing severe pain in his back by his kidneys. His doctors diagnosed him with kidney stones and then a liver and/or gall bladder problem. Jolie intuitively connected and immediately knew my husband had a pinched nerve. An MRI days later confirmed what Jolie had told me. My husband is a skeptic and was not even present for the reading. I am blessed to know Jolie. She connects and expresses the messages she receives in a very loving way. I highly recommend seeing Jolie. Her readings are accurate, she is pure in her intentions, and full of Love and Light”. ~ Kathleen G., Florida


“Jolie is the most accurate “Channel” I have ever been to! Guidance and true messages from the Angel guides! Just see her! You will know what I mean!” ~ Karen C.

Jolie’s Bio:

Jolie DeMarco is a spiritual lifestyle expert:  author, inspirational speaker, grounded intuitive. Jolie is a Crystal healer  guru aka. Crystal Junkie, Master of Meditation and named best Soul Talkin’ Clairvoyant.  She is an extraordinarily gifted Messenger. She is an Automatic Writing Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher & Crystal Energy Healer. She is the president and founder of  two enchanted spaces you can visit.  The first, My Flora Aura, a Mindful Meditation Center & Metaphysical retail space in Boca Raton Florida..  Her 2nd location named  Crystal junkie -High Vibes a  space created for workshops and crystals galore in Deerfield Beach Florida.Her book High Vibe Crystal Healing-Crystal Frequencies and Body layouts that will Rock your World!  available now with Llewellyn worldwide Publishing! You can purchase on Barnes and Noble & the Llewellyn website

You can follow Jolie DeMarco on YOU TUBE, or as seen on Television  TLC  ” I am Jazz” Show-Jolie is on season 5 episodes 2, and 11 – she is featured in magazines and FACEBOOK LIVE- Jolie DeMarco her Crystal & Metaphysical Network

Jolie successes; She is a writer and author of 8 books-and says 8 more to go!  Her best includes;  Soul Talking  & Relationships, High Vibe Crystal Healing -Crystal Frequencies that will Rock Your World! ,The Energy ExchangeHow to Meditate Easily, and Parallel Minds. She created several divination systems- some call these oracle decks.

Check out her i-Tunes & Android APPs:  My Daily crystal- find which crystal works best with your energy on a daily basis.  ROCK –Reading Insights 4-Life- choosing 7 crystals that give you an accurate reading on what is needed now in your life.  Mandala Reading; reflecting 30 Mandalas channeled to bring the viewer a self- healing-plus intuitive reading of their current life. Fins, Fur & Flight Spirit messages from Nature, and Soul Talking & Relationships- brings guidance on Love, family & friendships. Galileo’s TIME– helps you find out when an occurrence will happen! All are available as APPs and physical oracle cards.

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  • What to expect from your Personal Reading Session
    Jolie will start with an angel reading, using cards and most likely move on to automatic writing to answer any questions you may have wanted some guidance or information on that subject. It is also likely that Jolie will connect with a deceased member of your family or friend {if any) and/or an angel guide that will want to communicate.These guides may want to tell you some things that they would have liked to let you know in the past or to let you know some good information to help you on your present path /good direction with life’s ups and downs. Some may share who they are (by names, or things they used to say, nicknames etc). When you call for an appointment, Jolie will ask you to write some questions on a piece of paper and bring it with you, this way she can receive accurate information from the angels or spirit guides.You may have several questions or Jolie can just receive information to best guide you at this time in your life.
  • Where do we have the Session?
    My Flora Aura Mindful Healing Center – 26 SE 4th street, Boca Raton FL. 33432 It is located just west of Federal Highway – south of Palmetto Park Road. Some exceptions are made to do sessions elsewhere. Jolie also can auto write your messages remotely. Jolie is not a fortune teller, but a medium who can communicate by receiving messages and passing them on to you (this is why Jolie is referred to as an “Angel Messenger” and / or a channel or medium). If you don’t live locally, you may choose to have a Remote Angel (Intuitive) Reading. Please see below.

Please complete the form below and make payment via Paypal for a Remote (Long Distance) Angel Reading

PLEASE NOTE: Please email JolieMFA@live dot com your questions (4 – 12 questions depending on angel reading option selected and paid for) Thank you.

Remote Messages

Remote  Distant Angel Reading

This option is for those who don’t live locally. Jolie will contact the “Guides of the light” (“The Spirit Guides from the Light, The Divine Ones, Zora the Divine Healer from the Light & ArchAngel Michael”) for your answers and Channel messages. Jolie does this through auto writing combined with channeling and her clairvoyant abilities. She will send you an email of the information, messages & guidance she has received specifically for you.

Please state your full name and also include your permission for Jolie to ask the Spirit Guides (named above) & Your Guides from the Light to do this session.You will  receive your message within 3-6 days . Jolie sometimes will get back to you quicker however, she has many readings daily and does them in the order received.

Please make sure you email JolieMFA@live dot com (with your questions) AND make your payment via Paypal. Thank you!

Healing Energy Services

Reiki Chakra Balance & Crystals

Healing Energy – Learn about different modalities

We have several sessions to choose from, many include Chakra balancing, Auric cleanse, and Hara-alignment

Non-Touch – Reiki, Crystal Healing, Light Tunnel Healing™,Vibrational energies, Mandalas.

Reiki is just one modality we administer at My Flora Aura. We combine several energy modalities to support what you need to heal. Combinations of Crystal healing, Shamanism-Light Tunnel,  Reiki and Aromatherapy.

Whether you are Letting go – Releasing, Moving forward, or want optimal advancement, we work with combinations of healing that are necessary for your personal well-being.

Learn about:

Definition of Reiki – reiki {raykee]

Alternative medical treatment: in alternative medicine, a treatment in which healing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain, and fatigue. * from the Encarta World English Dictionary

Crystal Healing is an energetic modality of healing. The human energy works with the energies of crystals and their properties to heal, release or advance. These wonderful Properties together work in synergy within and around a human energetic (electromagnetic) field.

We can assist you with crystal energy properties and our extensive knowledge to bring you to your “Zen” state. We have several options on services available with Crystal Healing.

Interested in Something Amazing? Learn How to Self-Heal with these unique healing modalities Jolie DeMarco was channeled to share with everyone. “Everyone needs to know how to self-heal. We can’t always be reliant on others- this is why self -healing is the future.” Jolie believes we all need a jump start sometimes and  it is good to learn through experiencing too. Since  she received these messages  from positive light beings-  Jolie created an Academy  for people to learn and share. You can learn with Jolie online or join her for a retreat. She features online training for these techniques and  group workshops. Here are some examples of  what you would learn from Jolie:

Moldavite Meteor™ – A Wonderful experience with “tektite” energy. This technique brings  the positive “flow” of energy into your existence.

 Crystal Junkie™ Intuitive Crystal Healing – immense relaxation for your personalized needs.  I teach can you how-Supahh-Amazing!

Soul Talking ™ Dimensional Healing – past, parallel, or alternate dimensional healing with crystal energies and other modalities of healing combined to help you with your life on earth. Rid yourself of unwanted Junk!  ( What an experience!)

Emotional Release – Reclaim your personal power, while experience feelings of forgiveness, acceptance and self-love.

The Shamanic Atlantean Healing™

Advancement of human Life on planet Earth™ Includes Light Tunnel Energy to propel you to your greatness – to further advance your total being. Whether it be for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – you will “move ahead” with help from the Crystals energies, Angels and Spirit guides of the Light.

Light Tunnel Energy Healing™ is a energetic modality that was channeled intuitively from Spirit guides and ancestors from the Light to Jolie DeMarco

Jolie documented all their teachings from past and present. Light tunnel energy is an All dimensional and parallel life healing. This is a multipurpose healing with the guides coming through to clean, clear, protect and enhance you in your life on this dimension “earth” at this time.

To learn how to be a practitioner and Facilitator this certifies you to give  treatments  and understand the power of self-healing- Please call or sign up -online today!  it is an experience you will always remember. Beautiful & healing.

Soul Talking™  Private Sessions

Rid yourself of unequal energy and find the clear powerful you!

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Jolie’s Healing Therapies

Try these services by Jolie

Call Now 561-901-5808

  • Soul Talking Technique ™        A Five Star Experience! The human part of you connecting with the soul which is the pure “energy ‘of you. Syncing up to be whole. Soul Talking™ helps you release old patterns and  voids  that are keeping that ’stuck junk” in you– we will release them and then replace with positive energy. This is a guided intense energy service. You gotta want to change to  rid yourself of these negatives. This is a guided mediation following Soul Talking techniques and further guidance for  self-continued healing.     90 minutes $222
  • Specialized Guided Meditation– Balancing, Rejuvenating and Energetically healing. This session is a guided  for those whom need help in visualization or “feeling” their true selves.  Includes  Polarity (balancing) & aromatics. This is a perfect relaxing session for newbies to meditation & have a hard time relaxing. Chakra alignment. included.  60 minutes $222
  • Parallel Life insight™– Similar to a past life regression, but even Better! Learn from experiences /occurrences that can be happening simultaneously to your life at this moment in time! Yeah, you heard me, this insight can change your life now for the better. It guides you to understand how to deal with life now! 70 minute $222
  • 15 min-Mini Chakra Assessment & Protection —Need to know what is going on with yourself? This  assessment can help. $68
  • Vibrational Aroma-therapies to Cord cut & Cord Connect™Gently separating energetically from what no longer serves you ! This is an  energy Connection on the central spinal cord, aligning the chakras & activating the meridian system; integrating the power of spirit into the mind, heart, & body. Helps in reclaiming your personal power-through forgiveness, acceptance and self love.. Excellent for charging & clearing your inner core & releasing negative energies from your auric field.  90 minutes $333
  • Knowledge on sound-Healing vibrations travel throughout the body, as we are made up of approximately 85% water, vibrations resonate 5 times faster through water, than air thus sound and vibrational frequencies from assorted tools such as Crystal Singing bowls,Cosmic Tuning Forks etc, assist in optimal healing and relaxation.

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