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Our Mission – My Flora Aura Retail & Wellness

We offer Unique Services at Two Store Locations!

We have many choices on our Service Menu:

 Channeled Psychic Readings
High Vibe Crystal Healing

Reiki Energy Healing private sessions
High Vibe Sound Healing
Beginners to Master Meditation session
Shamanism Healing Session
Intuitive Psychic & Mediumship Mentorships
Re-Connection ™Healing sessions

Each session is specialized for you. Sessions can be tailored for advancement, releasing, cleansing, balance or self realization. Out staff is trained and seasoned.

Our relaxing atmosphere and caring, loving staff are here for you to experience a enchanted visit.

Try a private service at My Flora Aura Mindful center. Enjoy an energy session for healing, stress release or simply relaxing.
Click on the Blue Button for Our Boca Raton Location  Services:

Overall Wellness to our community, to share knowledge of alternative living and healing on all levels.

We specialize in Intuitive channeled  messages, Energy healing, Crystal Healing, Organic herbs and educational workshops.

Both of our retail stores offer over 300 types of crystals and gemstones. One of a kind Jewelry, Organic teas, organic herbs,12 types of sages, aromatherapy/essential oils, paraffin and soy/coconut oil candles, every possible kind of incense, an array of interesting books, oracle decks and unique gifts. Our Boca raton Location  has 5 amazing Crystal Meditation Rooms to feel and chill, Reiki circles every day of the week,and great vibes of Sacred Geometry channeled Mandala art within the entire space! Our Deerfield beach location offers a Crystal store, outdoor Gem Garden, Tea bar and Meditation Loft!


Additionally -We offer several specialized Guided meditations. One favorite is an Animal connection with spirit guides or a Past life experience. You can walk-in  during open hours and choose from one of our 5 Crystal rooms add guided meditations of your choice & enjoy! Gift yourself, for only $14 you can Relieve stress, receive insight and feel energy to heal.

Our menu of services include our most famous,  private & confidential Clairvoyant  channeled reading with Jolie DeMarco- owner of My Flora Aura Retail & Wellness, and author of “The 2nd Shift for Self- Healing ,The Energy Exchange and How to Manifest with it, Soul Talking & Relationships and How to Meditate Easily , Parallel Minds and  her New Best- High Vibes  Crystal layouts.

Stop in to relax … sip organic teas and later sit in the quiet room and read a book. We have a 5 Crystal  vortex meditation rooms. Enter our “Self- healing Mandala room” and feel the energy through your body- or inhale clean air at the Oxygen bar/Salt room…there is so much to choose from – all at a slow pace.

Book your appointment Today! Or Purchase a Gift Certificate for services by clicking on the book now button.

Come have your “Wonderful Experience” with us Today.


We have a wide variety of Group Meditation Sessions during the week. Please check out the calendar below. Private sessions are also available – call to get Personalized Service for your specific needs 561-901-5808
The room is geometric shape it was specially designed for its healing abilities, it is a vortex. There are crystals built inside the walls. Come today-to your own quiet Private space–to relax . Please call to reserve your time 561-901-5808 ambiance included in the Diamond room for your amazing experience. Most people receive “messages & clarity” from just relaxing inside this vortex. This unique Energy cannot be duplicated. FEEL & Experience the healing Power! Private Meditation in the Diamond room: 30 min $14; 60 min $20. Jolie was channeled a specific message by her guides and Angels. It was “directions “for “crystal Grids & mandalas to share with other humans. People whom need and want to relax and meditate in a safe place.” They expressed that people can “use 3 special crystal grids for an individual’s human needs: 1 For Advancement, 1 for release-ment, and 1 for self-realization – these grids are for balancing a human’s life.”

Oxygen Bar

Come and Try – Feel the Pureness & Clarity of Oxygen!

Nearly all Life is based on five basic elements — Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Hydrogen and Carbon. The air we normally breathe today consists of approximately 21% oxygen, as well as, Nitrogen, Argon and other trace gasses. Unfortunately, our Earths atmosphere is changing due to pollution, burning of fossil fuels and overall destruction of the ozone layer. Based on ice-core samples and old amber samples, scientists believe that our atmosphere has changed from nearly 40% oxygen to today’s 19% to 21% Oxygen levels. Higher blood oxygen levels are believed to help us in many ways.

Oxygen enables our cells to regenerate, rebuild, and metabolize our food and water supply into energy (a car uses oxygen in a similar way). Everyday we breathe 20,000 times and our blood carries the oxygen that fuels our body to produce energy and clean out waste and toxins. Oxygen makes up approximately 90% each water molecule in our body. And, water accounts for nearly 65-75% our body mass. Interestingly, our brain makes up only 2% of our total mass; however, it utilizes 20% of the bodies oxygen consumption. As we get older, our lungs capacity to hold air volume is reduced.

Oxygen is clearly one of the most important elements for good health because it’s our primary source of energy. For example, try to hold your breath…eventually you will need to breath. It is estimated that approximately 85% to 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, while the remaining 10% to 15% comes from food and water. For this reason, you can live without food and water for much longer in duration than you can hold your breath!

An oxygen bar is a kiosk or place that offers non-medical oxygen mixed with various scents including aroma-therapy. The air we normally breathe contains about 21% oxygen the rest is Nitrogen, Argon and other trace gasses. The oxygen in oxygen bars is between 90% and 92% oxygen allowing the customer to breathe 4 to 5 times the normal amount of oxygen. These oxygen bars give patrons an uplifted refreshed feeling as well as increased energy, detoxification and a general overall good feeling.


  • What are the benefits of Oxygen?
    On a short-term basis, oxygen is believed to provide almost immediate relief to people who are suffering from: hangovers, headaches, migraines, minor aches and pains due to lactic acid build-up, stress, fatigue, muscle cramps, jet lag, altitude changes, and/or heat exhaustion.

    On a long term basis, oxygen is believed to flush toxins and impurities out of our blood, preventing diseases from growing in our bodies.   Here are some reported benefits of oxygen:

    • Improves poor concentration and sharper thinking
    • Enhances alertness and memory retention
    • Supports a healthy immune system and promotes healing
    • Toxins elimination is believed to help slow down the aging process
    • Calms your mind (especially when combined with Aroma Therapy)
    • Speeds up the bodys recovery after physical exertion
    • Provides a natural “aspirin free” assistance for eliminating headaches and migraines
    • Less tendency for hangovers – when imbibing alcohol
    • Promotes positive attitude and relieves feelings of depression
    • Assists digestion, cell metabolism, assisting weight-loss efforts
    • Enhances athletic performance, endurance, and recovery from muscle stiffness
    • Improves sleep patterns and lessens sleep disorders
    • Oxygen gives you energy!
    While sitting at the Oxygen Bar, you may not immediately notice or feel any different; however, please be assured that the oxygen is doing it’s part to help your body be more energetic and be prepared for cellular function. Not convinced? Try it!
  • Oxygen & Diet
    Oxygen is our main “Fuel Source” for oxidizing or “burning” the food calories derived from carbohydrates, sugars, fats, and proteins. Without Oxygen or insufficient Oxygen supply, these foods would not be adequately converted into energy, resulting in poor cellular reproduction and lower overall energy states. Consequently, a high percentage of foods turn into fat, leading to weight gain and further health issues.

    Food Facts: Calories are not all created equal! Here are some general details:

    • The percentage of oxygen in complex carbohydrates, such as, raw fruits and vegetables, can be up to 50%.
    • The percentage of oxygen in fats is less than 15%. The percentage of oxygen in protein is between 20% and 40%, depending on the protein amino acid profile.
    Eating junk food or “Oxygen-Robbing” foods on a regular basis forces the body to use up more of its oxygen reserves than usual in order to metabolize the preservatives and what few nutrients may actually be in the “food”. Oxygen-robbing foods to avoid include:
    • Processed white sugar
    • White flour
    • Alcohol
    • Caffeinated Drinks
    Similarly, eating large quantities of dense foods, such as, fats and proteins, will also require extra oxygen for oxidation.

    When this occurs, the body tends to divert needed oxygen away from primary metabolic functions, such as heartbeat, blood flow, brain function and immune response, just to oxidize and metabolize these foods.

  • Commonly Asked Questions
    Q: What are the aromas made of?

    A: Our Oxygen Bars uses only water-based, oxygen safe aromas. derived from natural elements such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint and Orange.

    Q: Is breathing oxygen harmful?

    A: There are no risks and no adverse effects with the short-term use of oxygen. The American Lung Association has said that breathing oxygen from an oxygen bar for less than 30 minutes (one oxygen bar session) has no harmful effects and there is no evidence that oxygen used in bars can be dangerous to a normal persons health. Oxygen Promotions’ equipment is safe,and healthy!

    Note: There are a small number of physicians in the medical community, who offer opinions on oxygen bars as oxygen therapy and the safety of long-term oxygen treatment. There is NO evidence that oxygen used in bars can be dangerous to a normal persons health. Oxygen bars have been in existence for over 7 years and are popular in several countries; millions of people have enjoyed oxygen sessions around the world without a single health related incident or lawsuit. Oxygen bars are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any illness or disease.

    Q: How does it make you feel?

    A: Breathing higher concentrations of oxygen has several benefits; the most commonly reported benefits are increased energy, an uplifted refreshed feeling, clearing of the mind, relief of toxic headaches such as the hangover, relief of stress and promotion of higher concentration levels. Oxygen is also a proven detoxifier and has anti-aging properties.

Jolie’s Channeled Readings

30 mins $144
60 mins $188




FEEL & Experience the Healing Power of our Diamond Crystal Meditation Room!

The room is a geometric shape it was specially designed for its healing abilities – with crystals built within the walls. There are 3 separate crystal grids that were channeled by the angels and spirit guides. Each of these grids is for healing. One is for Release, one for Advancement, and another that is for Self Realization.

Additional to these healing energies, you choose a healing mandala from The Mandala Oracle Deck for personalization & additional power. This amazing space is for relaxation, Advancement, Release and Self Realization – all of which are deep healing on all levels. Come today-to your own Private space- we set up your space and let you relax privately.  Headphones and music are provided inside the Diamond and add another dimension to your amazing experience. Just walkinNo appointment necessary for our Crystal Meditation rooms!

Try the “Diamond” Crystal Meditation room! Jolie was channeled a message by her guides and Angels. This message was very specific directions for “Special Crystal Grids & Mandalas” to “share with those whom need and want to relax and meditate in a safe place”. These guides shared with Jolie to “use these special crystal grids for each humans individual needs. They can use them for advancement, releasement, and for self-realization.” For “balancing a human in their human life”. – Channeled from St. Germaine, EROM, and The Light Ones



Per Class – see monthly schedule for dates and times

Just show -up no appt needed!
REIKI circles every week on these times:
Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs at 6:30 pm
Fridays 2pm & 5pm- twice on Friday
Saturdays & Sundays 1:00
Reiki circles are 6o minutes or 90 minutes.
A Reiki circle is a group meditation with a lead practitioner. Reiki is the flow of energy from universal light that brings relaxing healing energies into ones body. It is unconditional love from source through the practitioners body as a conduit into your energy fields.



Please call for pricing & Specials

Reiki Private Sessions- non touch Energy Healing $111-133
Add crystals or Aromatherapy $24

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