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Gain insight by a personal Rock & Gemstone Reading.

You might be thinking…
How in the heck can someone read you with Rocks?

Well, actually it is amazing.  The Reader can dynamically feel the energy of each gemstone or crystal and match it to what your body  needs or needs for adjustments.
They are used for assisting in a self-healing, but also as tools, markers  for  a reader to understand what is going on in your  life. It’s not only fun, but amazing for insights of your life!
Insight such as what  is needed for you to balance, release and or advance:)
I know it sounds incredible– now just do one!

See for yourself how cool it is to get a Gemstone/Rock Reading!

Personalized for you! No cookie cutter stuff.  This is the Real Deal.


Receive a personal Rock reading – this is specially for you from Jolie DeMarco.    The rock reading is a short video of the rocks chosen to give you insight on your life. Jolie interprets the energy of the crystals and gemstones as she connects to your energy from you name and essence. She  sends you a short video of this Rock reading to your cell phone via text. It’s fun and insightful!  You actually get to see the crystals chosen for you and why!

Directions :

1. Simply pay through our  safe and encrypted paypal payment button below.
Choose your of Rock Reading from the drop down options.

2. Email your phone number and name .

Include your phone number you would like to be “texted” the short video to be received and your name. This way Jolie can tune into your energy. Doing these steps is you giving authorization/ permission for Jolie to “read” your energy. You will receive your Rock Reading within 48 hours.




3 options below:
Video Rock Reading sent via text

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