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zen-meditation_00349522This numerology Reading is different than any other. The information comes from the Spirits of the Light. They have shared their number reading technique with me (Jolie) to share with all of you. A number reading gives you insight of purposes on earth. Yes! you have many!

These Light Ones showed me how to guide you by matching your birth date and birth time numbers with their methodology of knowing. If you have both date and time that is great. We can give you an accurate soul and earth purpose reading with the birth date & time. If you only can send the birth date – that will be sufficient.

Time paths are said,according to the Light Ones- to be just occurrences and experiences in life- The Light ones can relate their message and interpret them of your numbers for you to utilize this information for future advancement.
Once you have filled out the form above & paid, Jolie will send you your souls path numerology reading within 48 hours. Much gratitude & love.

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