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The 2nd Shift – Self Healing Mandalas




Mandalas-Mudras- Crystals

The 2nd Shift is an amazing combination of new healing modalities that were channeled from spirit guides EROM, St. Germaine, Sioux Indians, Atlantean Indians and several Archangels.

As humans on this earthly plane we need to know how to deal with life and activate mindfulness.
This book is a guide how to “Advance your True Soul during the Shifts on Earth.”

This book of elevated knowledge will enlighten you. It contains 10 Things you should know when exploring Your Psychic Intuition, the “Energy Exchange”, Crystals ,Aroma-therapy, Aura, Chakra and Empath tips, The Crystal Myth, Lumeria ,Atlantis, Parallel dimensions, plus 52 Full color healing Mandalas. Learn how to meditate with them and use them as healing crystal “grids”. The 2nd Shift is packed of higher knowledge of healing, channeled messages and “life advancement.”




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