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Soul Talking and Relationships



Soul Talking and Relationships: Inspires and shares important skills of how you can have positive and equal relationships with everything. Including people you’ve had negative situations or outcomes with. Those relationships need mending or closure. This book explains how everyone in the world can make positive “energy exchanges and release heavy emotional debt.” The outcome is balanced, peaceful living.

People want to know how an energetic level with oneself and with other people can affect them. People want and need to self-heal. Teaching mainstream people a simplistic, effective yet entertaining way to relieve themselves of heavy negative emotions by using the Soul Talking technique ™and the No Regret Rule . Costly doctors’ bills are an epidemic for people who have unknown emotional and physical issues. The Soul Talking technique gives the readers answers – a self-cure; to understand where, why and how their energy can be depleted or distorted and then positively renewed by providing self-realization.

The No Regret Rule provides insight of what one truly desires in life with their significant other. Everyone has relationships; family, friends, co-workers, lovers, life partners and with oneself.
These techniques can relive emotional stresses and bring harmony within.

Soul Talking and Relationships describes easy ways for people to communicate with energy frequencies of the soul. The soul in definition is the infinite energetic part of us that can carry, hold or emit positive or negative vibration. It is not the skin and bones, but the energetic part of us. In the book Soul Talking and Relationships these insightful and comprehendible tips are listed step by step in a format of an awake meditation. These directions instill empowerment that will advance a person’s true existence to feel complete in their life and/or use the techniques in the book to get them there.

Soul Talking and Relationships shows you how to cleanse your aura. Including specific energetic ways to let go of negative attachments and clear your soul’s energy from negative patterns.




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