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Healing Mandalas Oracle Card Deck




Jolie DeMarco’s Healing Mandala Deck

A Wonderful deck of intuitively channeled paintings with profound meanings to guide you in life through the worlds new shift. This deck can be used for healing purposes and High Vibration Meditations.

This is a deck for everyone. Easy to use. First, lay out the whole deck or shuffle through them and choose the first 3 cards that “call out” to you or catch your attention. Then, simply read the back for the Channeled message which will convey what is going on in your life at that time. The Mandala art, works with your body’s energy and vibrations to give you a “message.” The Messages are from The Spirits of the Light, EROM and St. Germaine. Each Mandala is an intuitive painting that was channeled from the guides through Jolie DeMarco to share with the world. Mandalas are sacred geometry, although these particular paintings have been created specifically for humans to heal on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Each card has specific information to enhance a meditation for you or your client. Cards include hand positioning, crystal and gemstone usage, essences, information of the researched messages and the raw unedited channeled messages. In addition to receiving guidance and using the cards as meditation tools, you can also use them to “charge” your drinking water. Each mandala is of loving high vibrations and can enhance the energy of your drinking water!

Each detail was created by these Elevated spirit guides to advance humans to a higher vibration to adapt to the New World to come, which these spirits name “The 2nd Big Shift.”


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