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Galileo Oracle Card Deck




What Is Time?

Time is the measure humans use to calculate occurrences and moments, which are simply experiences.
After all, humans created the concept of time. Christian Huygens is usually credited as the inventor of the pendulum clock for its development of accuracy in 1656. However, Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer & philosopher had the idea to use a swinging bob to regulate the motion of a time telling device earlier in the 17th century. he also found the movement of the planets & stars to have cycles. Galileo, known as the father of Modern Science, changed the way we see the world today with his multitude of inventions & theories.

These new age TIME ORACLE cards help you receive accurate timing of when an event or occurrence can happen for you.
Set your mind on a statement, focus on what you would like to know the timing of – then ask, “When will this event occur?” The cards will tell you when. You may also coordinate these cards in conjunction with other oracle decks to receive messages and timing together.


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