Planetary Alignment Process for April 22, 2014 – The difference of the words  FORWARD and CHANGE

This April 22, 2014- the planetary alignment that occurs every 30 years is bringing you “FORWARD.”


What is the difference of the words Change vs. Forward?
Change is movement in a new way-
FORWARD is movement ahead, basically up a level from a constant or current objective. That brings positive advancement.
This celestial event is exactly that. It’s a movement that is lined up and bringing energies of forward movement in our current lives. “Moving on up!”


If you are working on a project- now, this April is the time that YOU WILL move forward on it.
If you have a goal for yourself- Now is the time to reach it.
You will be at the next level of Advancement of what you focus and set your intention.


How? Here are the directions:
On April 22 (Tuesday) sit outside anytime day or night.

  1. Write on paper what you are going to “advance” and describe the forward movement in detail.
  2. Then- and read those positive vibrations+ this adds them to the universal movement. By letting your action and intent move with the planets!
  3. After you verbalize and send out those great vibes-Feel your psychical body – as you speak those “forward” statements you will notice your true desire ….and it will be.


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