Part 2- New You with a Manifested New Relationship

Now that you have taken the steps to focus on yourself, your ready to manifest a relationship right? I have that guide for you. Remember positive breeds positive! When you glow with positive energy others are attracted to you. NO-ONE likes to be around a negative complainer. Everyone likes to hear good conversations and be around positive inspiring energy. OK NOW Let’s Get to the Good Stuff! Manifesting a “Good Match” for you! The Angels want you to manifest. Before we begin make sure you add details of what you want. Say this manifest only once a week. Otherwise, you are just repeating “words” and the manifest doesn’t have the same intent and feeling to make it strong and heard loudly. Concentrate. If Having a Relationship “Good Match” is important to you do it correctly!

Take 3 long breaths in and 3 exhale out. Do this at your own pace. Sit in a place you feel comfortable and peaceful, indoors or outdoors.

Try to feel in your heart. Focus on “asking equally” to manifest your good match. you can state this aloud or with-in. If you need to stop and get a paper and pen to write or add more details please do this. Make your manifest accordingly.

Channeled message for those who choose mandala: “Enjoy Love, be in LOVE with you and light will come.” People who are confident. Those who are in love or happy in their life or current situation. Jolie DeMarco

Please use this outline for your Manifest:

I am and allow myself to meet a _____ ( man or woman, you don’t need a name) That has healthy habits, that is respectful to me and I to them. They are attractive to me sexually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally and I to them. We love each other 100%: we are monogamous to each other (if that’s what you want) We communicate properly and nicely to each other, we understand each others feelings and way of thinking. We are both available without attachments’ to meet each other and fall in love. We accept each others “normal” we are happy together forever (or as long as you like) and trust each other forever (how long is forever to you) We are each other’s good match and we deserve each other. We meet ____ ____                                                   (insert a month and year)  

There are options to insert if you choose, you may also add what you desire of your “good match”.

In my book Soul Talking and Relationships by Jolie DeMarco you will find more examples and of this information and other manifesting techniques and guidelines.

**Remember, the angels said, “you can’t be someone’s good match, if you aren’t theirs. This is equal energy exchange” ** Additional note Also, know the meanings of the words you choose in the manifesting. It can make a huge difference in what you receive! SMILES!