Our Future Is Going to be Amazing!

Message from The Star Ones channeled 7/15/2013
(I channeled this during a shift which was one of the strongest Mercury Retrogrades in the last 10 years.)
by Jolie DeMarco

This message was given in positive means to help us learn and advance as the world changes. ©2013

The computers, the smart meters, the cell phones, the TV, Wi-Fi etc. are all disturbing the vibrational flow in the atmosphere. Over time this will break down our earth atmosphere, along with cosmic changes that are out of human’s control. These “happenings” will reach “other” atmospheres along with the human’s earth’s atmosphere. These changes will affect all of the atmospheres. The atmosphere holds vibrations that humans are not acclimated to, this known to humans as “outer space”

When this occurs black outs will be first signs on earth, this is why we express that only human telepathic communication will be a source of communicating with one another, along with verbal communications amongst humans.

The old ways of communicating will be re adapted, corded telephone lines can and will be reused as humans will also use telepathic mind to mind communication to transfer and receive “messages from human to human.

This occurrence will affect humans in many ways –This change causes inconveniences of many sorts. Physically many humans will find causes of unknown sources that inset illness’ vertigo symptoms and erratic thinking- such as light headed-ness. There will be some humans that find an inability to adapt to the new air or atmospheric changes in the vibrational field on earth – this is what I can describe as “mixing with the vibrations from “outer space.” Earth will continue as humans, but in this new shifting of energy that surrounds them to make life different as they know it as you are in current times. Positive – will be the vibrations that are heard and accepted.

A great amount of humans that are practicing telepathic and new world healing will adapt to this change” and will teach others as the world will prosper. However, children born on earth at this time of the 2nd Shift will adapt to the new vibrational energy in the earth’s atmosphere very easily.-the new born during this time of 2010- and beyond will auto adapt this New world of changes.

Because we have been given his information- we need to utilize it. It is important to practice skills that can enhance our minds- We can do this now – by using and strengthening both sides of our brains and utilizing our telepathic abilities.

Channeled Message from “The Star Ones”


A Message from Jolie :
This is the sole reason I am creating a structured “Academy of Healing Energy” that can strengthen minds and to teach everyone how to adapt. Whatever your reason may be, learning for fun or preparing for the future you will gain knowledge and positive intuitive skills in your lifetime.

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