New Years Resoooolutions Self Focus De-Stress Here’s HOW

This year for many has been… to say the least challenging to focus on YOU. 2018 is a great time to set goals for focusing on yourself.

We will discuss Chakra balancing but if Chakra stuff freaks you out a bit, just do the focus on your body techniques. Different strokes for different folks but all meditations are great to reduce stress and lower blood pressure along with the benefits of prolonged life.

Stress reducing techniques is a great START! Here are some suggestions….

*My Flora Aura has Reiki Circles Every week M,T, W, Th, Saturday & Sunday. 561-901-5808 Reiki is a Japanese modality using a higher power of positive energy flow. This can be used through any belief systems!  God, Buddha, Jah, Angels or Earth.

**Self Meditation or Voice Guided Meditation- is beneficial to balance and heal your mind. you can do this with a 20 min session. Ask for the Free guided meditation sample! You will love it.

***Having your Chakra’s balanced is a must. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual all have to be clear to flow. if their is a blockage or out of place chakra we become unbalanced. If we become unbalanced for a long period of time sickness can manifest. There are 7 main Chakras but there are over 144,000 chakras in the human body! Pretty Cool Huh? These are energy centers that constantly open and close on a day to day basis. They can change every time you have a positive or negative thought. If you would like more information on what each chakra represents pick up “How to meditate easily” by Jolie Demarco

“The Universe works in many ways, if you keep it positive, the return will be abundant whether it is money or lots of love.” – channeled message through Jolie DeMarco