Looking for Love This Holiday Season?

Looking for LOVE this HOLIDAY

Before you meet a good match most people will go through a process of what is called “getting balanced” This process has a FOCUS or TRANSITION person or persons that come into your life. This usually always happens first before you meet the “good match” There can be several of these transition relationships that give you “practice” before you meet your good match. The reason for the “practicing” is that you will be truly “you” as you meet your good match. You may have 1 or many, I have had clients that have had 14 transition people before they finally found their good match.


During this process of transition relationships it’s all about YOU learning about YOU! It’s not about what you don’t want in the other person. It is a lesson or lessons for you to understand yourself.  This process is about the angels teaching us how to build and balance ourselves. To be the REAL you and build confidence and experiences that you may not have had without the transition person.

Now, you have to know when to move on from these transition people as well.  My spirit guides said ” Humans refuse at times- to LET GO, including when they know in their hearts it’s time to move on. They let fear take over instead of being grateful of the moments and lessons were spent as good.”

the Angels want you to manifest! If you want to manifest your  “good Match” There is a great book to read I wrote called Soul Talking & Relationships that can guide you.   Jolie DeMarco