“Is it the End? Is 12-21-12 the END of Human Life?”

Is it the End?
Is 12.21.12 the end for all Human life?

I tell you there has been a Huge Shift that occurred.

“The Birth of the New World, after the 2 moons (Blue moon) 2012
Future will be enhanced- Changes will occur and love and light will change the world.
The blood red sky will come; stars will shine, past the eclipse of the moon.”

This is a channeled message by Jolie DeMarco, psychic, intuitive they call her “the Messenger of the Light.” Some have compared her to Edgar Cayce in the ways of her channeling.
The quote above was a message she received januraury11, of last year.

Since this message along with several others, there was a blue moon August 31, 2012, star showers, and we just recently had 2 eclipses of the moon!

These “changes” she speaks of had occurred; people all over the globe are encountering massive changes within themselves and in their environments.

This Jolie calls “The 2nd Shift”.

After this 2nd shift in the universe(s) yes plural. Humans are in an “adaptation mode” whether they realize it or not.

Humans are instinctual-some of us “listen” to our instincts or gut feeling but many don’t.
So what is coming?

Is it the “End of all times for humans?”

Well if you think of it like this: for instance dogs, cats, birds, they can “sense” when a storm is coming, so they “Prepare” and find shelter.

When we “sense” or intuitively or literally hear on the news something like a hurricane is approaching it is basically are ‘warning”. However at times there are no warnings to our natural disasters, but humans still “feel and sense” something is going to happen- this is where listening comes into play. Listen to the inner you your psychic abilities.

This is our “human storm or detector of something is coming”- it is happening Now, People all over the globe are “feeling” that something will happen this year. it is true, there will be many occurrences all over the world occurring.

This will not be the end, but a new beginning.
These occurrences such as natural disasters (floods, storms, earthquakes) will occur all over the globe.
These are occurring to bring” new order to the earth”, since humans did not keep to a positive “energy exchange,” this is means balance between, human to human, humans to all forms of life which is all energy that exists( on earth and beyond.)

Let me explain for example, these natural disasters’ such as the hurricane recently hit New York and northeast, was a “practice” of energy exchange.

The universe energy is creating all occurrences such as this hurricane to reach “other areas” that would not normally have these types of weather or misfortunes, to test societies’ “energy exchange”.

At this particular storm they had flooding many people came “together” during the storm to help each other in need, but there were also many people that took this as “entitlement” or as an advantage to do wrong- robbing stores which is obviously not a positive energy exchange.

I don’t mean to belittle this occurrence, because on a larger scale of looking at things this was a destructive storm, people lost homes and it was horrible. It was not small by any means. But all of these smaller occurrences all over the world are teaching people “how to “prepare” for when something “bigger “comes our way. It is “practice”.

These certain “locations ” that are effected and devastated is for humans to realize that separation is not good, that coming together in good loving ways will help all of the earthly human-beings to “adapt” to all these smaller shifts. Giving all “life ” time to prepare, make changes in life to realize what is important, and what is not”, to be happier or what I call “higher Vibration living”.

This 2nd shift in the universes and earth begun August 31, 2012 the day of the “blue moon.”
All humans, animals, all existence on earth and beyond are effected by “unbalanced exchanges” and this is the lesson we all are learning.

If we all can get over entitlement issues (expecting, or feeling that if I give you something- that, you “owe” me., This mentally) Humans and other life (which is plainly put) “energies” can live in harmony.

These excerpts are from Jolie DeMarco book “the Energy Exchange” and the book “The 2nd Shift 2012 to 2021.”