Humans Still Adapting to the 1st Shift of the 2nd Big Shift

Still adapting to the first shift- of the 2nd Big shift


Well if you read my book- The spirit guides and Angels talk of the parallels and the times we see notice / double numbers or sequential are just events happening in One or more of our parallels where our true soul is.


Time doesn’t exist in some other parallels as it does here on earth dimension 2012, so we- humans just “notice” the clock –because this is how “we” gauge what we labeled as “time”.
When you notice a “time” here, it is important happenings that are some other levels or parallels.

It could mean a “birth” or an ending” or an important segment in that parallel life.


As we are adapting to these “changes” on earth dimension you may feel you are “frustrated, have anger, or depression- some may feel uncertainty and a need of moving, changing, also cleaning all in ones life that no longer serves them, such as relationships, friendships etc. Many of us have been feeling the same old emotions from past issues in this life and some emotional issues from some other parallels and that is why you may not even “know” how and why you are feeling this way.
Some of us are feeling great, because all of that had cleared out and are ready for this Greatness, Advancing of their true soul.. peace serenity and “knowing and trusting themselves( their higher selves and all that means is trusting their true soul =their energy which Is Life in all dimension’s all lives any and every place you travel or reside>”

A lot of this uncertainty and changes in your lives now stems from all deep things in this life that we thought we let go of- so we are getting one more round at them and the emotions of them – so we can understand again, learn again– and then move ahead to our advancement! Enhancement.

Hope this helps you on your opening to The 2nd Big Shift- there’s a lot of goodness coming!!
These emotions will pass, allow them to.

I have been saying” I allow myself to let go of any emotions or energy that is other than the light.” or