How to use Soul Talking to Let Go of Negative Attachments

By definition, the soul is the infinite energetic part of us that carries, holds or emits positive and negative vibrations. It is not the skin and bones, but the energetic part of us. Your soul is your higher self, the all-knowing you. The human part of you can advise the soul to erase or add whatever you intend with your thoughts and actions.

A soul talk is a meditation you can use to cleanse the energy imprint of your soul. It’s basically a “deep-cleaning” for your energy – releasing the junk and replacing it with positive. When you soul talk, you can actively replace negative thoughts, habits and behaviors.

Pretty cool, right?! What’s even better is that you can also soul talk with other people! If you have negative energy with or attachment to another person, you can cleanse your soul’s energy of this with a soul talk mediation – and they don’t have to be present. In fact, they don’t even have to be alive…!

We all have relationships that need mending or closure, whether they be from the past, present or even the future. And when I say “relationship,” I mean in any form – friends, family, partners, lovers, coworkers and so on. It’s easy to place the blame on either yourself or the other for a negative relationship, but in reality, the energy is sometimes just off. Relationships are a learning process, and it would be a shame to allow a relationship to simply fail. No relationship is going to be perfect. With soul talking, you can do the work to either mend, attract or release a relationship as needed. This soul cleanse is not about placing blame, it is about releasing and replacing the energy of two souls for a positive energy exchange. The outcome? Peaceful, balanced living. And we could all use more of that!

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Not sure if it worked? Trust me, if you are serious in completing this soul talking cleanse, you will feel it. You will likely experience a certain energy during the cleanse itself, as well as a sense of peace afterwards.

I have received emails from people all over the world sharing their incredible results from soul talking. One that I particularly love was from a woman who hadn’t heard from her father in years. In just one week after her soul talking meditation with him, he called her out of the blue. She was happy to even just hear from him, much less to have a great conversation with him.

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