How to SOUL TALK …. with You and Others

*all information is copyrighted in the book called “The Energy Exchange” and the book “The 2nd Shift 2012 to 2021.”


The Message About this Shifts Beginning

Every 11 years a Shift cleanse “happens” this is an opportunity from the light to do a total clearing of the soul.
Experiences, connections, Occurrence’s that are to be cleansed form the soul, not just our human thoughts but negatives in the soul to be positive in the soul.
Releasing the negative imprint of any old “junk”, it is gone! This includes habits, patterns, situations and occurrences; here is an example that happened to me.
I was in a car accident 3 years ago. Within this learning “window of time”, I was in another accident identical to the one 3 years ago. The accident was on the same street, same stop light, I was hit from behind and this time I know it was a lesson for me and the fella that hit me. Last time 3 years ago I didn’t report my “hit from behind” and was very hurt physically. This “occurrence” I reported it, and all worked out perfectly well. This is an example of a “learning occurrence.” Other examples were “people” or “thoughts” of past came to my mind or actually bumping into them- those that I haven’t thought or seen of in years!

I am honored to be a part of this cleanse in my lifetime and look forward to another in 2023 which will be a whole new way of Healing” for humans, these the 2nd Big Shift ways, will be obsolete as the NEW or newer way of healing. There will be another flow of information about an advanced way of healing, even more than what this book just explained. Basically the Spirits of Light just messaged me that in 11 years many “humans will have had advanced in many ways, of healing, giving and receiving ( the energy exchange, is accepted) and then 2021 there will be another advancement they call it “ The Humanitarian Light force – It will be of telepathic, endearing life among humans and those who complied in the previous “time” ( they mean from 2012 t to the 2021) will be emerged at that time, but until then, these healing descriptives they call “Healing Mandalas and Light Tunnel Energy Healing, along with utilizing Reiki and Crystal healing” I and others were “given to share, either channeled through me or others are the way to heal now!

Now in 2012, we learn and advance. The next time will be 2023- not to say you can cleanse during this time on a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional level, but this is like a” clear” form of which is cleansing from “carrying anything or any old junk, from this life to any other if you believe it, and or from this parallel (earth) to any other parallel dimension.
This is a “gift” of “advancement.” We let go, clear cleanse, then it can be replaced (with in an even energy exchange of Love, light, healthy emotions and thoughts.
Some of you may already know that when we have old connections that are negative, we need to release those emotions that are attached to those thought or the energy of it. What most might not know is that we don’t necessarily have to release a person if it is a person that is the attachment.
I will give an example:
If you have a family member that is continuously verbally abusive, you can cut the “cord or tie” of those emotions that person “put or places” on you- you don’t have to erase them from your life. You will cut those emotions and thoughts, that energy can be released if you allow it- and you can still have that person as your “family”. When releasing any negative energy – it must always be replaced with positive. You replace the negative words and thoughts they mad you have or how you feel when they said those negative words and release, cut, and replace with positive thought and words. When you come face to face with that family member, you already understand they are negative, let the words and actions roll off you and know that it is there “junk” not yours- You don’t own it! Now that you know how to rid yourself of other peoples “junk” even if placed on you, it will not “stick”. Because you only allow love and light to stick and that’s it! Let’s say that family person was your father, so he’s hard to avoid. You can always love him, for being your “father” but you don’t have to allow, accept or take on his “negative junk.” Love him for being your father, not his actions or words. Remember cutting, releasing is incredibly empowering, but you MUST replace unwanted energy with positive energy, I say this because once you have owned energy whether it be negative or positive or null- there is “space” there, it needs to be filled with positive, if you get rid of it and don’t replace that “void” you will feel off balance and may go back to old ways of thinking, and fill it with “replacement Junk” it may not be the same junk, but you might go pick up a significant other that treats you the same way as the negative father did. Okay, I hope that was understood- if you release, you replace- so make it a positive replacement!

Soul Talking “The Energy Exchange”

This is an “exchange” the spirits of the Light are bringing to us in this cosmic time period of August 31 all the way to November 30th. We will always have this energy exchange throughout life, but this time period, is especially intense, that and the fact that we have a “window of time” to erase all our crap for good, no DNA imprint- that’s my take on it! That’s like a pass to the best ever event and then some!
Can I do this “soul talking” beyond the November date?
Of course, it still “works” but not as intense as it was during the 2 eclipses of the moons. Please do this! “Soul Talking”, helps tremendously change the vibration of the earth and all energy to be positive.. Do your part!

Can I soul talk with ME? my soul’s energy too?
YES! This is a slightly different way. You have to call in your true soul’s energy and the “human” part of “you.”
You can use this technique to erase old patterns or habits form “you. “After the direction for soul talking with “other people or animals etc., there is the “soul talking with you”, below.

Directions for “Soul Talking” with others:

The Spirit guides gave me a term called “soul talking”. This is a term they described to me to teach others. It is how to cleanse all the unwanted habits, thoughts, emotions from past, parallel and present.
“Talking to the souls of others from a human/being true soul to another human/being true soul.”.”
First step: You sit make a list. This list is of all the people things occurrences, situations, experiences that you remember as negative (hurtful to yourself or by others to you or you to them!)
Second step: Once your list is done, you relax, breathe, and take 11 deep breathes in and out. Now set a positive intention and feel that you want and allow this to happen: say aloud or in your mind:
I, ____ ____ (your full name, middle last all that is known of “you”!) am here to make a positive energy exchange with _______. (The person’s name or visualize their face)
you can or “picture that occurrence, or situation, or just visualize the person (or animal) or the energy of that situation.

State the way you feel. Then way they made you feel or the way you made them feel. With Intention, Express fully of your emotions to release the energy of that situation. (Yes, you can cry, yell, be sorry, or all of the above and more.)
This process of “the cleanse” can be very intense for some people the situations or conversations can bring up anger, fear or serenity. Please remember the spirit guides wanted me to state that “this soul cleanse, is not about “blame, it is about releasing and replacing energy of 2 souls for an energy exchange of the light.”
If you are serious in completing this soul talking and cleanse, you will really truly “feel” the energy exchange.
That is how you know it is “working.” Some people have felt it instantly during the soul talk, many it was afterwards up to a few days.
Remember you can talk aloud or in the mind, this is telepathic energy which is basically the same as verbal.
Then once you’re done, this starts
Step Three: ask the person or animal, basically it is the “energy”. (Who knows, could be a tree you cut down and felt bad about it.) Ask the energy of those souls to accept this new positive energy exchange of light to replace the negative energy that existed.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to” hear “anything back, if you- do great, if not, keep going, it still is positive energy going out to that particular soul of that person ..Please also note that if this energy is between a soul that has passed, deceased in a human body, you can still “soul talk” to them. You can make the energy positive no matter where they are “over space and time, energy is on all dimensions and all levels; it exists “everywhere.”
During this exchange try to feel or sense the emotions of love, solace and peace. Try to visualize or feel the energy of forgiveness or understanding in your heart chakra- when you sense this feel a pull in the exchanged energy to you and know they have also received the positive energy into their existence-into their energy of their soul.
Step Four: Close out the conversation of energy by thanking them and give gratitude for this opportunity with them to make amends and state that “both of your true souls have made an even energy exchange to be equal”. Say your goodbyes and Breathe.
Step Five: Congratulations are in order, Know that you are successful in the exchange. Know that you deserve this positive energy.
Take a break and do a few more, if any. You are on your way to “advancement of a true soul.”
You will notice in the next few days a “change” in your energy, the guides say:”humans will feel lighter- peaceful.”

Earth Moons Shifts- Mediation with YOU
Soul Talking with “Your” Soul

Today mediation is for clearing our own soul’s energy; since we are all made of energy and everything in the world is energy- making equal energy exchange is of natural order. However this order has been distorted with “entitlement issues among humans”.
As this 2nd shift occurs 2012 to 2021 we (humans) can re-learn how to make equal energy exchange as once was brought to us.

This mediation, please repeat the words, I say if you are comfortable with them, using the intention (what you feel and project and desire) that “You, which is your true soul which is your pure energy of you- accepts and allows. You can do this on your own. Please do it Today since the earth moon shifted. Channeled By Jolie DeMarco

I am ( say your full name)
I allow my true soul the energy of me-to engage with my human self, body and mind-
to soul talk with my true soul energy- all that I am energy, on all dimensions , all parallels, all that My energy exists-all energies of me in all locations.

Take 11 deep breaths in and out

I am to be of pure energy. I, (Your name) at this time 2012 earth dimension bring only love into my pure energy;
I release all blocks, all thoughts that are other than light.

I release all judgments of me and others that are other than the light.
Any and all habits that are other than the light, I release and Exchange with positive energy.

I only see myself as pure and high vibration energy which means happy, healthy and loving.
I only allow loving relationships in my energy

I only allow loving energy around me

I am always safe and protected by loving energies

I allow myself and I deserve to have only positive equal energy exchange with all beings of energies, and all that is energy, including myself.
I allow and accept these “Changes” in my life to be of goodness and advancement.

I only allow the light within, around and in my thoughts on this 2012 earth dimension including all of where I exist , existed and reside– in all my forms human and beyond
11 deep breaths in and out
Give gratitude to yourself and all energies of life.