Have You Explored Your Intuition?

Have you been thinking a lot lately or have you received some “signs” to start exploring your intuitive senses?

Have you asked Does it work? What is intuition? Do I have it? Can I control it? There are so many questions regarding this beautiful mysterious part of your life (and the beyond) “when I first started exploring my intuition, I had so many questions. I attended many spiritual classes and read countless books to discover this specific information. Sometimes I felt as if I was taking on emotions of everyone around me, which I later found out was my ability for psychic empathy. Understanding basic information about your psychic intuition through guidance of exploring yourself is very important.

In my book there are 10 basic things you should know when exploring your psychic intuition. If I could have had this information lumped into one source I would have been farther along on my spiritual journey. I would have advanced much sooner in learning and understanding about the spiritual world.

One of the 10 is what I call Accepting. You allow yourself to believe there is more out there beyond human life forms. This is important. Accepting the information from your guide is a BIG plus. You must learn to allow yourself to accept help from others; it doesn’t make you weak it makes you stronger. This is not as easy as it sounds. Learning to accept the information from your guide you receive requires trust. If you are interested in learning about the other 9 click  HERE. Smiles!

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