Explanation of Parallel Lives

“Souls advance or decline through experiences in our lives, in whatever dimensions your energy is occurring in.”

 This means to “humans” that whatever dimension we are living the experiences determine the amount of “better-ing ourselves!

I don’t believe we have preset “contracts” I feel this is not correct due to the fact that we as true souls a.k.a energy, can “choose”.

We as humans can change and choose to change the way we see things and the way we act. We can rule our own thoughts.

 We always have “help” or guides, but they let us choose, they show us good paths or options and ultimately ‘we” as humans either choose to take that advice, or not, or make a new choice or path.

 This is what most humans call “free will- These Spirit guides call it “ choosing to act on a thought of energy. “ “Whether it is positive, negative or null.” 

These guides tell me that a “true soul (the all-knowing part of any form of energy such as us as a human person) lets us choose in each separate life time.

This means if we are here on earth as a human, we are basically living on earth dimension 2012.

However, we are connected from our true souls to all of our dimensions we are “in.”

 As our “true souls can be in more places at once, whether in human form or in energetic form.” (Our human form is energetic, but we have a human casing, skin, bones etc.,)  Not all dimensions require the “body” as we know it or recognize it as we label things in our “earth dimension Human life.”

We as humans are here tolearn, to process these lessons and move ahead in the same life time or in “new ones.”  We also are “living” in other dimensions at the same time, and some of us know this or sense this. “

“As a  human, you  may have felt you were in a place that seems familiar to you, but you’ve never been there in this lifetime as a human, that is because simultaneously, your soul – a form of your soul is ( can be with or without body) is in that location on another dimension or level.”

This can also explain that as a human we can be on earth dimension 2012 with a body, and also have your energetic form (without a body) can be present on this dimension at the same time.

I can also re-phrase this as your energy as a “ghost or spirit” that you may sense or possibly see as energy form- you can be visited by “YOU, in the same dimension.”

Excerpts from the book “The 2nd shift, Jolie DeMarco copyright 2010-2013