Explaining The Aura

Interesting information on the human Aura by Jolie DeMarco

Have you ever experienced a sensation or felt a vibe from someone, whether it is good or bad? If you said yes, then you have felt the energy from their aura. So, what’s an aura? An aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the outer body. They have been scientifically known to exist. Our auras have several layers. From one perspective in Wikipedia, the electromagnetic field can be regarded as a smooth, continuous field, in a wave like manner. Yada, yada, yada, my version is easier to understand.

Our body’s aura/energy field is something everyone should be schooled about. Knowing and understanding how it works is amazing, yet simple. I want you to think of your whole physical body. I want you to realize that we also have this additional part of our body (energy in layers surrounding our physical body). This is the aura. As I said before, auras have many layers and colors. I like to focus on these 4- physical (lowest in vibration, emotional (regulates the emotional state), mental (ideas, thoughts, and beliefs) , and spiritual (link between our physical and spiritual realm).

Some people can see other people’s auras, but most people cannot visually see the human aura. The aura is part of our body. Unfortunately, most schools did not teach us about our auras as part of our bodies. Hopefully in the near future, the school systems will recognize the importance of the human, energetic body, as one with our physical bodies. It seems many doctors are finally finding this to be relevant in relating physical illnesses with vibrational energetics. The correlation between the two are becoming more main-stream in healing modalities, such as chakras and reiki. Kudos to those doctors!

Our auras work with our energy centers. These energy centers are vortexes within our bodies and in our energetic field. Together, these energy centers (chakras) and our aura can balance our emotions and physical body on many levels. Becoming popular, many people are turning to chakra balancing and reiki sessions to balance and clear their auras and energy centers. Both of these services are offered at your local metaphysical shop.