“Every 11 Years We Have This Opportunity…”

Every 11 Years!
We Have a window of Time to DO A SOUL Cleanse– that is profound enough to wipe it clean from our souls imprint, meaning negative emotions will Be COMPLETELY cleared never to be attached to your psychical body or mental body. “Squeaky Clean”.

So You are thinking, yes but we can do this anytime- a cleanse, right?

Well not really, we have “things” we want to detach from or learn how to handle,just like my previous posts about re-learning from past occurrences and past situations, people and more,also patterns that are negative- researching what we do and don’t want in our lives at this time (Aug 31- Now November) but that takes “time”, sometimes a long time, sometimes Years, to work -out.

The Spirit guides say ” This November (12th) Clarity comes after you previously have  re-learned lessons from past.
You can make better, clearer decisions now from your “research of what you want and don’t in life, also from the lessons you became Mindful of- it was similar to “testing you of what your learned so far””, its TIME  to move ahead and “CHANGE.”
The messages received from the Spirits of the Light-
“Good Intentions will be rewarded..after the “soul talking”.

” Particularly November 12th is a human day of “clarity”- release old energies that hold the human to negative emotions and negative life and thoughts-this “gift” is human cleansing on a level that a human can handle-pure and true cleanse of the true soul-
“We gift- an erase all of past and negative patterns, thoughts and old energies- this happens from Nov 12-Nov 28th to do so, “soul talk” and cleanse”.

This” soul talking “is a session you can do alone. directions below:
This is extremely important, please share this  people you care about!! (everyone!)

This November is the “TIME.”
I was Channeled from The Spirits of the Light- “Humans can ‘soul talk’, cleanse on a level that will advance them- I teach you(Jolie) and you teach others, this is the opportunity once in every 11 years…” We Only Have until November 28th, this is the “window” they help us with this true cleanse- I am holding a few free classes at the ens of the month, Please join or get the book to learn how the Guides taught me to do this.
click here to see HOW to SOUL TALK   ( this link will work on Nov 12th )

I believe this is why November 12th is the Big Day to cleanse AND November 28 full moon and last eclipse of the year!: Do your “soul talking” from these dates and all between.

*Remember the soul talking is  about a positive energy exchange, not about “blaming.”

November 13th is total solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely covers the sun, as seen from Earth

A Penumbra lunar eclipse on November 28, 2012, will be the last eclipse of the year

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