Earth Moon Shifts – November 29th Meditation with YOU

Earth moons shifts- meditation with YOU
November 29th meditation

Today mediation is for clearing our own soul’s energy; since we are all made of energy and everything in the world is energy- making equal energy exchange is of natural order. However this order has been distorted with “entitlement issues among humans”.
As this 2nd shift occurs 2012 to 2021 we (humans) can re-learn how to make equal energy exchange as once was brought to us.

This mediation, please repeat the words, I say if you are comfortable with them, using the intention (what you feel and project and desire) that “You, which is your true soul which is your pure energy of you- accepts and allows. You can do this on your own. Please do it Today November 29th, since the earth moon shifted. Channeled By Jolie DeMarco

I am ( say your full name)
I allow my true soul the energy of me-to engage with my human self, body and mind-
to soul talk with my true soul energy- all that I am energy, on all dimensions , all parallels, all that My energy exists-all energies of me in all locations.

Take 11 deep breaths in and out

I am to be of pure energy. I, (Your name) at this time 2012 earth dimension bring only love into my pure energy;
I release all blocks, all thoughts that are other than light.

I release all judgements of me and others that are other than the light.
Any and all habits that are other than the light, I release and Exchange with positive energy.

I only see myself as pure and high vibration energy which means happy, healthy and loving.
I only allow loving relationships in my energy

I only allow loving energy around me

I am always safe and protected by loving energies

I allow myself and I deserve to have only positive equal energy exchange with all beings of energies, and all that is energy, including myself.
I allow and accept these “Changes” in my life to be of goodness and advancement.

I only allow the light within, around and in my thoughts on this 2012 earth dimension including all of where I exist , existed and reside– in all my forms human and beyond
11 deep breaths in and out
Give gratitude to yourself and all energies of life.