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Healing Mandala Deck

Jolie DeMarco’s Healing Mandala Deck

A Wonderful deck of intuitively channeled paintings with profound meanings to guide you in life through the worlds new shift. This deck can be used for healing purposes and High Vibration Meditations.

Directions on how to use the Healing Mandala Oracle Deck:

It’s fun & simple

First, lay out the whole deck or shuffle through them and choose the first 3 that “call out” to you or catch your attention. Then, simply read the back for the Channeled message which will convey what is going on in your life at that time. The Mandala art, works with your body’s energy and vibrations to give you a “message.”


How to read the Mandala Cards

Soul Talking & Relationships book

book cover snipp soul

Soul Talking & Relationships We all have relationships. Some are great, some suck and some need mending. Simple techniques  can insure peaceful balance of these relations with family,  husbands, wives,girlfriends, boyfriends,lovers,children or co-workers. The Soul Talking Technique shows you how step by step. click here to purchase on Amazon

Paperback $11.11
Kindle $1.11

Soul Talking & Relationships oracle Deck $18.88 

Soul Talking & relationship Oracle Deck

Ask or think of a person you want to know about, then pull 1 or 3 crds. This can be questions about a lover, signifigant other,family member,co-worker,friend, your kids, or Yourself!

Amazingly Accurate deck on Relationships!

The Energy Exchange

Jolie DeMarco’s Book – “Energy Exchange”

The human energy exchange is not what most of you may think. There is a balanced of what we want, need accept and give. The old ways are out! The New way of Manifesting has arrived. utilize the power today. Learn equal energy in everyday life -forever balancing the earth, universes and all energy that exists. Engage with step by step meditations to cleanse your soul and advance in your life. Learn how to release energy attachments, clear your aura and manifest your desires. The bonus inside this book are the details on “How to” manifest relationships/love,money, a job, tangible items ,knowledge and self-realization with equal energy exchange! We are all Souls that Live Together TM


Click here to purchase Jolie’s book “The Energy Exchange” Paperback edition through Amazon $12.95

Click here to purchase Jolie’s book “The Energy Exchange” Kindle edition through Amazon $3.99.

Parallel Minds -Dee Lori’s Table 42:

Jolie DeMarco’s Book – “Parallel Minds :Dee Lori’s Table 42 “

A young female Frommer’s writer on assignment of the consistency of food- eats at the same order by number restaurant with her goof ball mag -writer girlfriend. Both friends are aspiring to be “more” in writing. One is writing a book of intriguing short stories from her dreams and meditations- on the side of her real job as a dining blog critic. The other- scripting a psychic TV game show for a Californian mogul simultaneously writing for Miami’s hottest trash magazine called “BLAH”.

Both writers insanely determined –filling their voids in life by multi-tasking find themselves entering a fiction contest with Createspace for fifty grand. This contest is just one of their many competitions and quests for “more.” These BFFs express their written shorts as they eat at the same place- 6 weeks in a row. They evaluate their non- existent love lives and decide to change monotony by betting substantial amounts of money on each other’s dates. How you ask? By using their newfound ability to psychically read auras and energy from their countless male coffee dates. Both twenty something’s are crazy talented with dimensional outlooks of their abilities as “readers and writers.” They increase their high vibrations and truths through an intuition workshop at a local Mindful Center. This is a special place with the feel of an energy vortex that exceeds the norm of a retail crystal shop. It has an organic tea bar including the oddly normal looking psychic that teaches them telepathic mind skills. The friends find that there are no coincidences, but experience many lessons with outrageous outcomes.


Click here to purchase the Paperback edition through Amazon $11.29.

Click here to purchase the Kindle edition through Amazon $1.11.

The 2nd Shift- Self Healing. Mandalas – Mudras – Crystals

Jolie DeMarco’s Book – “The 2nd Shift- Self Healing. Mandalas – Mudras – Crystals”

New ways to adapt to this dimension we call Earth. This book is an amazing combination of new healing modalities channeled from Spirit guides, Atlantean Indians and several Archangels Angels. As humans we need to know how to self-heal and deal with life – especially to activate mindfulness. This book is a guide how to Advance your true soul during the shifts on Earth until year 2021. this book contains 10 things you should know when exploring your psychic intuition, The energy exchange, Crystal listings, Aromatherapy, Aura and Chakra tips, The Crystal Myth of Lumeria, Atlantis and parallel dimensions. Plus 52 Full Color self-healing channeled mandalas – use them as crystal healing grids.


Click here to purchase the Paperback edition through Amazon $35.04.

Click here to purchase the Kindle edition through Amazon $4.99.

Available at My Flora Aura retail store for $21.95

10 Things You Should Know When Exploring Your Psychic Intuition

Jolie DeMarco’s Book –

“10 Things You Should Know When Exploring Your Psychic Intuition”

Learn 10 Things You Should Know When Exploring Your Psychic Intuition, perfect skills to trust and use the inherent knowledge of your true soul.

“The balanced “Energy Exchange” is felt, heard and accepted.”


Click here to purchase Jolie’s book “10 Things You Should Know When Exploring Your Psychic Intuition” Kindle edition through Amazon $2.99.

Jolie’s Childrens Books – Imagistories™

Jolie DeMarco’s Books – Imagistories™ for Children

  • “You, Me + Chouky”(pronounced Chew-key) A mindful children’s book- teaching kids how to be kind and respectful. A girl and her dog Chouky sharing and learning about how to treat each other. A forever friendship- they are BFF’s! Together they have a great time singing and enjoying wonderful colors and pictures. A full color interactive book for ages 4-8. Written songs are included for sing along!
  • “The Enchanted Boy” A Mindful Learning book for children ages 3-6. A fun colorful story of a boy and his positive impact on the world. By Jolie DeMarco Imagistories Mindful Learning series TM.
  • “Planes, Trains, and Golf Shoes” This is a children’s interactive book. Teaching kids ages 4-8 How to do research. Darren finds information on things he likes: Planes and trains. He decides to find out about something his father likes- golf. Darren explores and discovers there are special shoes just for golf!
enchanted boy cover snipp     You me cover snippet     planes traincover snippet


Click here to purchase “You, Me + Chouky” Paperback edition through Amazon $9.99.

Click here to purchase “Planes, Trains and Golf Shoes?” Paperback edition through Amazon $9.99.

Click here to purchase “The Enchanted Boy” Paperback edition through Amazon $8.88.

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