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These are not ordinary mandalas- these 52 mandalas were channeled through Jolie DeMarco. Jolie is a conduit that transmits sources of positive light. Instilling frequencies from these positive light sources into these unique paintings she calls “self-healing mandalas.” These mandalas were meant to be shared to everyone- all humans- to view and use them for self-healing.

These specific 52 self-healing mandalas have immense healing vibrancies. In an independent study these mandalas positively changed a human’s aura and chakras to balance within 11 minutes!

These studies included nurse practitioners, hundreds of clients- including a GDV scanner that can prove the positive balancing properties. How you ask? It is simple- visually looking at the mandalas for 11 minutes can begin the balancing of you chakras and auric field also known as your electromagnetic field. You can also balance yourself through meditation- placing the mandala near you while you are in a meditative state. Many yogis place one by them during a session. You can place one in your home or office as art to keep a balanced atmosphere.

Jolie is a clairvoyant channel and energy healer. What makes her such a great conduit or channel of these paintings that were infused with self-healing energy?

Many people believe it’s because she is a clean conduit. Meaning she doesn’t pollute her body or mind with substances or negatives that affect the body –mind and soul. People starting calling Jolie “The Messenger of the Light” from her accurate messages and her amazing abilities to channel frequencies that help people heal.




Jolie was clairaudiently told that energy cannot be duplicated- although we can produce positive vibrational frequencies that are unlike any other- because they come from energies of the light. Just like a soul cannot be cloned. A physical “body” can be cloned- but never can a soul’s energy be duplicated. This means that we all have our own original imprint of energy -that is our soul. We are all unique- and these mandalas were created from light and love- a gift to share. As Jolie says “We are all souls that live Together T.M.”and she hopes you take the time to self-heal or advance using this energetic art.


Order a Mandala Channeled for You

Jolie DeMarco was advised to reach as many people as she could with channeled Mandalas. What is a Mandala? Jolie’s spirit guides expressed that each mandala is very different like each of us. Many of us (humans) need guidance or a jump start to reach goals, stop self-sabotage, advance or, release along with allowing ourselves to succeed. These are just a few reasons to “allow” yourself to meditate or have a mandala of high vibrational energy created from these light beings just for you. Interesting enough Jolie can only paint 3 of these personal paintings per month and they have to be completed within 3 days of the meeting with the client. Her spirit guides requested that so that she could be a clear channel. They expressed “the energy & messages are a package for Humans that need assistance in advancement of their lives.”

Make your appointment today for your One of a kind Personalized Mandala. Jolie channels guides from the Light and paints with the intent it is for your advancement. Receive an Original channeled 16×20 canvas painting from the guides which includes messages of higher knowledge. This amazing service Includes a 30 minute channel session with Jolie and custom original channeled painting with printed messages and power crystals to accelerate the energy. If you are from out of town, you can have a session via email and Jolie can connect with your energies for your session.

Investment $288. This is a great gift for anyone! (you may choose a specific size canvas, prices may vary.) You will receive your Original high vibrational painting within 3 days of the channel session. (if you are out of state the painting will be completed within 3 days, shipping may take 6-12 days. Shipping is additional $18.00 in USA) each is unique which brings insight of what you need in your life and activates your energy to reach your goals. Please look in your email for correspondence from Jolie, so she can get started and you also can grant her permission to start the channeled painting.


Mandala Investment $288 Shipping in USA $18.00

Personalized Mandala

Testimonial for Custom Painted Mandala

I know my Healing Mandala is “healing” me on many levels, and wish that everyone could have the same available to them. Jolie painted this energy art for me it had many colors and when I Meditate on the mandala, I can feel energy moving from the mandala into my hands and up my arms, and into my body. I have found that on a conscious level is that my mind is less cluttered with negative emotions and filled with inner peace.

For hours afterward my head continues to tingle. I was energized all day and early the next day, my mind is also clear, feeling peaceful, clear of all negative thoughts and emotions. ~ Frank C.


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