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Now available thru email
in person on Tuesdays 11-4pm at My Flora Aura

Astrology Reading


Astrologist Janell Star

60 minutes $98

Natal chart & transit

60 minutes $144

Relationship synastry

60 minute $144

Solar return

60 Minutes $98

Directions to Proceed:
In order to receive a reading you will need to have your:
Birth Date
Birth Location
Birth Time
*if you do not have your birth time (this is not uncommon), you can still receive a good reading, however certain things will not be available, like your rising sign, house cusps, and moon sign/ aspects to the moon*
Readings are available Tuesdays in person 11-4pm at My Flora Aura location. It is recommended you call 561-901-5808 and make an appointment, to ensure your spot and if possible leave the above information when making your appointment.

Readings are also available through email . Please fill-out the form below to get started.  You will receive a Paypal invoice to pay and proceed. You will receive your emailed Astrology Reading within 2 days of payment. Thank you!

Natal Chart: $98
A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. We will go over your entire chart (planets, houses, signs, aspects) and touch on all matters: career, personality, love, life direction, hardships, blessings, etc. If you have never had an astrology reading, this is what you should start out with. You will be able to ask questions, or decide to focus on just a few aspects. This reading is about YOU!

Natal and transit: $144

This reading encompasses all the Natal Chart reading has to offer, but with the added bonus of taking a look at the year ahead. We will take a look at how the current transiting planets, as well as future transits, will affect you now and your upcoming year.  It can show how your attitude to certain matters will change, any good luck coming your way, as well as any tough times that you may need to be aware of (so you can have the tools to better handle them when they come 😉  Knowing your future transits can also help you decide on the best dates to plan out any upcoming events.

Solar Return Chart: $98
This is your birthday chart! It is a chart that starts on the day of your birthday, when the Sun returns to its original place, and ends the following year on your birthday. It is read like a natal chart and covers all the upcoming themes for you in the year to come. It is different from a transit report because a transit shows how current planetary aspects affect you, and a Solar return shows the type of person YOU will be in the upcoming year. It prepares you for what is to come, and empowers you by showing you the skills and qualities that will be easily accessible for you in the upcoming year. (It’s my personal favorite 😉 It’s suggested to do this reading around your birthday, before or after, since it only covers one year from one birthday to another.

Relationship Synastry- Compatibility: $144
This reading is not only for your special someone, but can also be done with family members, friends, coworkers, partners etc. It will show you how you and another person interact. What are triggers between you, what are your strengths and weaknesses, how best to overcome obstacles, etc. But overall, the point is to leave this reading knowing that you have a better understand of the person that you are inquiring about, and how you and them relate to one another. Several charts are pulled during this reading, we will look at you, the other person, the way that that you effect one another, and the overall outcome when you two come together. Have you ever had someone say “Oh your so different when you are around such and such!” we can look into those factors when doing relationship compatibility!



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