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Are you a positive person?

Positive breeds positive. When you glow with positive energy, others are and will be attracted to you. No one should be around negative energies. Negativity is actually draining to people and can bring them down. Therefore, everyone likes to hear good conversations, and be around positive and inspiring energy. Learning how to release negative energy can help you become more positive and lead others to the same.

It is important to release unwanted energies. Our auras can become littered with negative debris or “junk”. This junk can be our own emotional , worries, negative thoughts, and patterns that are unhealthy. However, we also receive negative junk from other people. Whenever someone with negative energy enters our aura field, their negative junk can easily become our negative junk. If we do not release this unwanted negative energy, we can own it. I Don’t worry, cleansing and clearing  your energetic body releases your aura of all that negativity and unwanted burdens of junk- bad vibes-B Gone!. It is important to cleanse your space you live in and your own bodies energy. Keeping yourself cleared of negativity will only help you feel good, but also your energy will attract who and what you want. It can make your “energy” feel great and people like to be in the company of other good vibes!


If you are interested in learning more about this topic, read Soul Talking and Relationships Book by Jolie DeMarco. Soul Talking technique with yourself (Meditation)