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FEEL & Experience the Healing Power of our Diamond Crystal Meditation Room!

No Appointment Necessary, Just Walk-in & Relax.

The room is a geometric shape it was specially designed for its healing abilities – with crystals built within the walls. There are 3 separate crystal grids that were channeled by the angels and spirit guides. Each of these grids is for healing. One is for Release, one for Advancement, and another that is for Self Realization.

Additional to these healing energies, you choose a healing mandala from The Mandala Oracle Deck for personalization & additional power. This amazing space is for relaxation, Advancement, Release and Self Realization – all of which are deep healing on all levels. Come today-to your own Private space- we set up your space and let you relax privately. Please call to reserve your time 561-901-5808 or walk-ins welcome. Headphones and music are provided inside the Diamond and add another dimension to your amazing experience.

Try the “Diamond” Crystal Meditation room! Jolie was channeled a message by her guides and Angels. This message was very specific directions for “Special Crystal Grids & Mandalas” to “share with those whom need and want to relax and meditate in a safe place”. These guides shared with Jolie to “use these special crystal grids for each humans individual needs. They can use them for advancement, release-ment, and for self-realization.” For “balancing a human in their human life”. – Channeled from St. Germaine, EROM, and The Light Ones

We have 4 more Crystal rooms to experience: The Protection & Healing Room Moldavite and Auralite 23 room Salt/Oxygen room Selenite Zen room

Pick your room & guided Meditation  in your private Crystal space! $14 for 30 min or 2 Meditations for $20


We offer Two locations to have your Private Services.  Boca Raton or Deerfield Beach FL.
Please note that  all Private Reiki Energy Healings are at our Boca Location, All other sessions ;SoundVibes,Shayman & Specialty sessions are in Deerfield.


Private sessions Available : Whether you are Letting go – Releasing, Moving forward, or want optimal advancement, we work with combinations of healing that are necessary for your personal well being.

Learn about:

Definition of Reiki – reiki {raykee]

Alternative medical treatment: in alternative medicine, a treatment in which healing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain, and fatigue. * from the Encarta World English Dictionary [/tab_item]

Crystal Healing is an energetic modality of healing. The human energy works with the energies of crystals and their properties to heal, release or advance. These wonderful Properties together work in synergy within and around a human energetic (electromagnetic) field.

We can assist you with crystal energy properties and our extensive knowledge to bring you to your “Zen” state. We have several options on services available with Crystal Healing.

(All 60 minute sessions:)

Moldavite Meteor™ – A Wonderful experience with “tektite” energy as our trained Specialist brings the “flow” of energy into your existence.

Intuitive Crystal Healing™ – immense relaxation for your personalized needs. Amazing!

Dimensional Healing™ – past, parallel, or alternate dimensional healing with crystal Energies and Other Modalities of healing combined to help you with your life on earth. ( What an experience!)

Emotional Release – Reclaim your personal power, while experience feelings of forgiveness, acceptance and self-love.

Advancement of human Life on planet Earth™ Includes Light Tunnel Energy to propel you to your greatness – to further advance your total being. Whether it be for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – you will “move ahead” with help from the Crystals energies, Angels and Spirit guides of the Light.

Light Tunnel Energy Healing™ is a energetic modality that was channeled intuitively from Spirit guides and ancestors from the Light to Jolie DeMarco

Jolie documented all their teachings from past and present. Light tunnel energy is an All dimensional and parallel life healing. This is a multipurpose healing with the guides coming through to clean, clear, protect and enhance you in your life on this dimension “earth” at this time.

Try one of these Wonderful sessions:

Dimensional Healing™

The Shamanic Atlantean Healing™

Chakra balancing & Aura Cleanse

Healing Energy – Energy healing brings balance and serenity


  • Increase vitality
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves stress
  • Enhances immunity by stimulating the lymph flow and body’s defense system



Vibrational Healing Therapies

Healing Vibrations – Sound therapies

Wonderful Vibrational Services!

Experience being bathed in Sound Vibes

Healing vibrations travel throughout the body, as we are made up of approximately 85% water, vibrations resonate 5 times faster through water, than air thus sound and vibrational frequencies from assorted tools such as Crystal Singing bowls,  Cosmic Tuning Forks etc, assist in optimal healing and relaxation.

Try these  services – they are amazing!

Call Now 561-901-5808


  • Vibrational Aroma-therapies™
  • Spinal Clearing™


 The only place on earth for these signature services!


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