All Humans were Attuned to The Blue Moon! Everyone!

“All of you (all humans) that have been “attuned” By the Blue moon-“

know that clearing our old emotions, clearing physical emotional and spiritually is part of “cleansing” – in order to “advance- move forward”

alot of us- humans have had an unusual couple of weeks…

and it will continue a bit longer for some people -since there are another 2 full moons this month, September and october-

Those of you may have went straight to “advancement, and enhancement”- but for many this is still part of moving ahead to clear out old emotions, and whatever is holding you back. This means all of your “old stuff,” is most likely going to “come up and out” so just know this – “this is what is happening all over the world.”
Love and smiles!!!

Enjoy the “change.” The guides of the Light said it” is human time to change” so “flow with it, so you can get to the” High Vibrational “great part!!!
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What is an attunement?
P.s An attunement is a process of Moving ahead- but sometimes it affects us physically- through giving us chills or hot flashes, change in diet, emotional sometimes irrational feelings) It is a release that after which brings one( you) to a higher Vibration of a “zen-Like state of thought and mind-set or clarity about yourself, the world and what you may realize you want from it.