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Jolie offers 3 types of readings via distance thru email.
1. Angel reading -Remote Messages ask the number of questions you want and receive channeled messages via email contact. This isa One time reading.

2. Recurring remote reading- you don’t ask any questions, Jolie will just connect with your name and give you a reading  for that month.

3. Ask THREE  questions once a month, this is recurring billing. You can stop your recurring email readings after 3 months.

Please complete the form below and make payment via Paypal for a Remote (Long Distance) Angel Messages Email Reading


Remote Messages

PLEASE NOTE:Please email your questions directly to Jolie
(4- 12 questions depending on reading option selected and paid for) .

Remote Messages


 Need to know? Just ASK…

1.Remote Angel Reading via Email- Most popular!

This option is for those who don’t live locally. Jolie will contact the “Guides of the light” (“The Spirit Guides from the Light, The Divine Ones, Zora the Divine Healer from the Light & Archangel Michael”) for your answers and Channel messages. Jolie does this through auto writing combined with channeling and her clairvoyant abilities. She will send you an email of the information, messages & guidance she has received specifically for you.

Please state your full name and also include your permission for Jolie to ask the Spirit Guides (named above) & Your Guides from the Light to do this session. You will  receive your message within 2 days . Jolie sometimes will get back to you quicker however, she has many readings daily and does them in the order received.

Please make sure you email Jolie(with your questions) AND make your payment via Paypal. Thank you!

Jolie DeMarco

Want to have a Reading in person with Jolie In Florida ?

Book here.

2.Insightful Monthly Readings online:

Automatic billing for Monthly channeled Reading from Archangel Michael thru Jolie DeMarco personalized to you.
This is How it Works :
Every month you will receive Guided Messages about that month specifically for you. Jolie connects with your energy and channels insight that will keep you positive for that month, along with cosmic events. You will receive your email reading on the 1-4th of each month,since Jolie may have many to do you will receive your reading within the first four days of each month.
$33 per month Special price
This is limited to only 33 people per month- once you have paid and signed up below, your will receive an email confirmation.


NEED to KNOW  MORE?  If you would like to Ask Specific Questions for your Monthly Reading You can sign up Now! Jolie DeMarco is offering a monthly rate for  those that want to ask questions on a monthly basis- You can ask THREE question -Jolie channels your questions  from Archangel Michael to give you guidance on what you need. You will also receive the cosmic updates. This type of reading takes time since Jolie sits and connects just for you- asking the questions you need  for guidance.
This Special allows you to ask 3 questions per month for  only $44  $68  Jolies regular price! Limited to 18 people.

This is How it Works: You will receive an email on the 1st of each month, where you will reply to the email from Jolie with your questions.
You will receive your email reading on the 2nd-6th of each month. Since Jolie may have many emails to channel, you will receive your reading as soon as she can.   Please be prompt in sending your questions as she channels in the order she is receiving the email questions.

Once you sign up for recurring billing you will get a confirmation email.
Please check your spam mail as your first email may go into your junk box until you recognize the email from Jolie.  you can cancel after t three months or keep your monthly guidance as long as you like:)
Gratitude and Love,

Ask Three Questions Monthly recurring billing.
$44 per month

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