Mercury Retrograde is OVER!! Now What?

Now that Mercury is Over.. YEA!!

U may feel some release of it a few days longer… but relief is finally HERE.

The Next Retrograde isn’t until March 22 – April 15, 2018

Areas of Life Mercury No Longer Rules…

Mercury rules all types of communication, including listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. SO, you now can sign that contract to upgrade your phone or buy that car you have been wanting.

Included under this planet’s domain are all types of code, including computer codes, as well as transportation, shipping, and travel. Soooo now you can buy the tickets and take that trip you have been wanting!

Why does this happen? When a planet retrogrades, astrologically it is in a resting or sleeping state. It’s an illusion but Mercury actually looks like its going backwards during retrograde. While Mercury naps,  Expect a lot of weird, strange, attitudes, computer issues, and pandemonium! Now that it’s over Breath relax and Get all that stuff done you have been waiting to do.