These planets are aligning- what does this mean for us Humans?

Here is March to April’s 2014 Forecast from Jolie De Marco Please share 🙂 March 2nd Venues-Sun-Uranus- people are/were very indecisive. March 4th Mars-Venus-Mercury- we humans starting to decide on options and new ways of life! (Shiny New beginnings- Bye bye -old junk) March 5th thru April 15th – Clarity and ACTION on decisions made April 15 and 16th MARS-Earth-Mercury will be aligned- we get everything in ORDER- Knowing what we want and going for it! In a Big Way! April 21 to 23rd Mars -Earth-Uranus- the contentment begins and higher frequencies of thoughts (better, clearer, stronger) Bringing another level of consciousness- If you are at a high level of.