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Animal “Signs” Totems

05 Dec 2014
Animal  “Signs”  Totems

Have any of you felt as if a “message” was sent via an animal, bird, or insect? I Have many times. Animal totems can really start a Buzzzz How do you know if its a animal message, or your animal guide? Usually, when we see or notice, basically you are mindful enough to know this “animal” is a sign – it’s just for a message you need to hear, to help you at that particular time in your life. If you see the same animal over and over again, that is your animal Guide or totem. This is a part of you that does also give a message, but a.

Planetary Alignment Process for April 22, 2014 – The difference of the words FORWARD and CHANGE

09 Apr 2014
Planetary Alignment Process for April 22, 2014 – The difference of the words  FORWARD and CHANGE

This April 22, 2014- the planetary alignment that occurs every 30 years is bringing you “FORWARD.”   What is the difference of the words Change vs. Forward? Change is movement in a new way- FORWARD is movement ahead, basically up a level from a constant or current objective. That brings positive advancement. This celestial event is exactly that. It’s a movement that is lined up and bringing energies of forward movement in our current lives. “Moving on up!”   If you are working on a project- now, this April is the time that YOU WILL move forward on it. If you have a goal for yourself- Now is the time.

Positive Affirmations

08 Apr 2014
Positive Affirmations

Just take 5 minutes a day and use your intention –what you desire and project and state these positive affirmations for balancing your emotions.   I am Love and I am surrounded by Love   I am smart I am Happy I Love Life My Body is Strong   My Mind is awake and alert I make rational decisions   I am healthy and I have healthy Habits I find solutions without stress I treat others well- and they treat me well I enjoy the moments that bring me joy I am beautiful inside and out   I always do the best I can at everything I do I enjoy.

These planets are aligning- what does this mean for us Humans?

25 Mar 2014
These planets are aligning- what does this mean for us Humans?

Here is March to April’s 2014 Forecast from Jolie De Marco Please share 🙂 March 2nd Venues-Sun-Uranus- people are/were very indecisive. March 4th Mars-Venus-Mercury- we humans starting to decide on options and new ways of life! (Shiny New beginnings- Bye bye -old junk) March 5th thru April 15th – Clarity and ACTION on decisions made April 15 and 16th MARS-Earth-Mercury will be aligned- we get everything in ORDER- Knowing what we want and going for it! In a Big Way! April 21 to 23rd Mars -Earth-Uranus- the contentment begins and higher frequencies of thoughts (better, clearer, stronger) Bringing another level of consciousness- If you are at a high level of.

Cleansing of the Soul

02 Jan 2014
Cleansing of the Soul

Jolie DeMarco offers two quick and easy meditations to make your aura shine. Want to be Squeaky clean? Each new year is an aspirational period when resolutions are made, forging us forward into a fresh start of awareness, self-discovery and growth. But did you know that it’s also a perfect time to wash away any negative thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you? It’s natural to clean out our homes and especially our closets as the seasons change. Energetically it’s the same. We need to periodically clean off our auras, and our souls. All day long we and our auric bubbles pick up “junk” from other people as we.

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