What is a Reiki Circle?

If you are asking What is a REIKI circle and what can I expect? Then welcome, this information is for you! My Flora Aura in Boca Raton, FL. is just one of the metaphysical stores with local reiki masters. Reiki practitioner’s circles are highly individualized but all have a definite passion for healing or helping people heal. During a reiki circle, everyone will usually sit in a circle, however sometimes small spaces cause for adjustments. Reiki circles can have different tasks or themes. sometimes adding in crystals, include special guests or focuses. For instance, during a self healing reiki circle, it’s time to focus on yourself. Finding what you need in your life, directing that focus on clearing the negativity out and bringing in clarity or healing to start anew. Your reiki master may ask the circle to visualize light energy surrounding them by a healing light. Imagining the swirling light working from your feet slowly to the top of your head and then slowly back down again, flowing into the earth then renewing with positive energy. Most recipients of these group sessions experience feelings of peace, calm and happiness after their session. Reiki also helps in self discovery or opening up to self healing through this energy. Reiki only has positive outcomes if you are open and accept the possibilities that one can be healed or heal themselves through positive energy. Reiki masters know how to channel positive energy and can guide the reiki circle or group through an amazing experience. Try one this week!