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Explaining The Aura

14 Mar 2018
Explaining The Aura

Have you ever experienced a sensation or felt a vibe from someone, whether it is good or bad? If you said yes, then you have felt the energy from their aura. So, what’s an aura? An aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the outer body. They have been scientifically known to exist. Our auras have several layers. From one perspective in Wikipedia, the electromagnetic field can be regarded as a smooth, continuous field, in a wave like manner. Yada, yada, yada, my version is easier to understand. Our body’s aura/energy field is something everyone should be schooled about. Knowing and understanding how it works is amazing, yet simple. I.

Part 1 New Beginning 4 U…12 Steps

27 Jan 2018
Part 1 New Beginning 4 U…12 Steps

Part 1 of New Beginnings 12 steps Meditation that cleanses the Negativity from your life. You are welcome to Print the 12 steps or Listen as I… Jolie DeMarco guide you. 12 step soul talking technique  Print version Guided Meditation  guided version More info: Read below about the trademarked technique Soul Talking that Works! The Soul Talking TM Technique Definition of a soul: A soul is the infinite energy of you. Not the skin and bones- but the energetic part of you. What is a Soul Talk? In definition a soul talk is a meditation that can cleanse the energy imprint of your soul. When performing a soul talk- the.

REIKI Learn Now! self-healing is key

21 May 2016
REIKI Learn  Now! self-healing is key

REIKI Check out our workshop page and see the details of how to learn Reiki energy Healing .-We feature workshops every month and have weekly Reiki circles to  experience this wonderful energy healing vibrations! Reiki Circles group walk-ins welcome! You don’t have to know anything about Reiki, Just come to relax. $8 Mondays 6:10 pm Wednesdays 6:10 pm Thursdays 6:30 pm Saturdays 1:00 pm

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