This is a 2 day workshop to become a
 Soul Talking Facilitator © Phase ONE


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Jolie DeMarco & Experience
Energy Exchanges in Life!

This is an Archangel Micheal modality.

 Soul Talking Facilitator © Workshops:

Learn with Jolie -in person in 2 Boca Raton Locations this summer.
Where 301 Camino Gardens Blvd. #100 , FL 33432, USA (map)

Description:Soul Talking Facilitator Workshop © w/ Jolie DeMarco. Learn how to help others with life! Phase 1 certification this is one of 2 days. investment to become a Soul Talking facilitator $333 ( 2 days)2nd day established with other classmates.


 Details:  Phase one -Become a Soul Talkin” Certified coach, first learn about “self” then learn how to release old patterns and release old energies.
Look on our Calendar page for dates or have a one -on -one private workshop with Jolie. Click here for this option and to book your time and date.

My Spirit Center
301 Camino Gardens Blvd. #100
Boca Raton , FL 33432
Phone: 561-901-5808 
Investment: $333(for  2 day workshop Must pre-pay)

Book , Soul Talking Oracle deck & Certification –  plus ongoing support as a Teacher of  Soul Talking.



This is a 2 day workshop of  
Soul Talking Facilitator ™ Phase Two
Investment $666  dates determined by Phase 1 participants.

Includes: teaching materials and Certification, placement as a Coach, PLUS a Soul Talking Facilitator©, tank or jacket.
Requirements are you teaching and coaching classes for true experiences


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Crystal Junkie Workshops
Love crystals and gemstones?   Me Too!

This is for you!  Learn with Crystal Junkie Jolie

This  amazing, incredible Rockin’ workshop included materials and crystal sets. Crystal set vary for each segment level.

101 crystals
102 Layout & grid work with High Vibes Crystal Healing
Rockin’ as a Master Crystal Junkie

crystal healingLook for Special pricing  on Facebook! Crystaljunkie FB  private group




reikiReiki Energy Healing
Reiki 1 $125
Reiki 2 $248
Reiki Masters $448

Jolie  teaches private one on one workshops book this by calling 561-901-5808 or online  with the”Book appointment button”

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