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Remote-Distant Healing Energy Services listed below

Please complete the form below and make payment via Paypal for a Remote Reiki Crystal Healing Session

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Remote Reiki Crystal Energy Healing


This is a session that allows loving energy from the Universal light through Jolie as a channel/conduit to the person receiving the healing vibrational energy. This allows the person receiving the light energy to use the light or reiki energy to heal themselves with this universal energy of high vibrations. This energy moves throughout the receivers body wherever they may need the healing, or just to enhance a feeling of relaxation and peace.

With Reiki or Crystal Energy, It doesn’t matter how far away you are because energy flows like sound. You cannot “see” it but Energy is there with vibrations. Vibrations can travel over space and time. Vibrations are healing.

Jolie is not a doctor and does not claim to be one. This is energy healing. Reiki and Crystal healing are alternative modalities of light-work. Please go to the Reiki Crystal or Energy healing page for more information.

Please make sure you submit the permission and information form AND make your payment via Paypal. Thank you!

Please complete the form below and make payment via Paypal for Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions x 4

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4 sessions Total, you (or person named) receive 1 session per week, for 4 weeks

$198.00 for (4) Sessions

Remote Energy Healing – 4 Session Special~!

This option is for those who don’t live locally. My Name is Jolie and I will bring healing energies as a conduit to you (or person named) in need. This is for healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, and is for 4 sessions. One session per week for 4 consecutive weeks ($198 total, this equates to $49 per session). This service is lower cost than any other healing service I provide. I was channeled a message from Spirit Guides, and Divine Healer Angels who advised me “to help others over distance and what humans call time.” I love what I am able to do – I feel it is a gift to share and I use only Loving, positive intentions in all I do.

When you submit the form, I will contact you via email or phone. I will message you on which day and time the session will be and this will be the same each week. (Example: once a week – every Tuesday from 8-9 am for 4 consecutive weeks.) I Believe that Energy Healing is a modality that needs to re-occur, to have the best results. The high vibrations do heal and doing a session once can sure make us feel good, but to heal more deeply we should consider continuous maintenance.

I am grateful ~

Community, Serenity, Love ~

Jolie DeMarco

Please make sure you submit the form AND make your payment via Paypal. Thank you!

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