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Memberships are for our Crystal Meditation Loft Location In Deerfield Beach.

Additionally ,we offer Specialty Classes and Workshops  at this Deerfield beach location.

All of our guided Meditations, Specialty classes and Workshops can be joined by everyone.
 You can purchase each class separately.

Our Memberships will save you money if you like to learn and relax often. These would be your best options.

There are 3 memberships to choose from:

Once ahh week Meditator-
this means you autopay monthly for 4 Meditations per month at our Deerfield location .

Twice ahh week Meditator-
this means you auto pay monthly for 8 Meditations per month at our Deerfield Location

Unlimited Meditator-
this means you  autopay for unlimited Meditations per month at our Deerfield Location.

Our guided meditations are amazing. Our gifted and trained mediation gurus  facilitate for the greatest experience for you.  Each week the classes change, this way you are never bored. We have an array to choose from, or just go to them all!
Some of our best known sessions are; Shayman journeys, sound healing, Manifesting,  releasing, Chakra clearing and out of body experiences-
Of course- we ground you too!

Crystal Meditation Loft Membership Programs in Deerfield Beach Location

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