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Jolie has been featured in these magazines and Radio Shows!

Lead with Love in Aspen Colorado, Deepak & Marianne Williamson 2017

Today’s Yoga Magazine  https://issuu.com/todaysyoga/docs/early_summer_2017

Holistic Therapist Magazine http://www.holistictherapistmagazine.com/business/artistic-calling/

World Peace Radio      http://www.transformationtalkradio.com/meet_shows.php?id=8417

Above Top Secret Radio  http://www.mediafire.com/download/bo5e8krx85ylvvp/Jolie_DeMarco_interview.mp3


Palm Beach Woman and Boca Mag!

Palm Beach woman snippboca-mag

Boca Mag, Florida – see pdf of article here The Sixth Sense Debate – Psychics or Frauds?

Can You Read My Mind? Featuring Jolie DeMarco.

ATS Live Radio

Palm Beach Woman’s magazine


Soul Talking & Relationships
How to Meditate Easily
5 Soulutions 4-Life
The Energy Exchange and How to Manifest with it
Parallel Minds
The 2nd Big Shift

Mandalas, Mudras & Crystals
10 Things You Should Know about your Psychic Intuition
The Enchanted Boy
You, Me & Chouky

Hard copy Oracle decks

Healing Mandalas- For self- readings & healing
Soul Talking & Relationships
Flowers, Fins & Flight- Nature Messages
Galileo’s Time -Find out when something will occur

Apps on I tunes & Android Google Play – Oracle Apps

My Daily Crystal
Insights 4-Life Crystal Reading
Healing Mandalas
Soul Talking & Relationships
Flowers, Fins& Flight Nature Messages
Galileo’s Time -Find out when something will occur

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7 Guided downloadable instant Meditations








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